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A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette

Humorous stories of life at the library.


The official blog of the American Association of School Librarians. view-source:

Accidental Nomad

Thoughts on life from a librarian.

American Library Association-Allied Professional Association

A professional organization promoting the interests of librarians and library workers. Includes news, how to get involved, and newsletters.

Annoyed Librarian

Daily life and experience of a librarian.

Articles, essays, and information about projects from a Sydney based librarian.

Book Kitten

Book reviews and information from a public librarian.

Books to Curl up With

Musings of a public librarian.

Bright Ideas

Group blog by the School Library Association of Victoria and the State Library of Victoria.

Canuck Librarian

New librarian trying to find a place in the field.

Catalogue Blog

Offers book cover photos and information.

Cedar Librarian

Thoughts on being a librarian and life.

Conan the Librarian

Describes experiences from the wild world of librarians.

Concerned Librarians of British Columbia

Advocacy group of Canadian librarians. Covers current issues that pertain to their profession.

Connecting Librarian

Thoughts and discoveries of an Australian librarian working in a public library.

Convivial Librarian

Commentary from an electronic services librarian for a medium-sized public library.

Cyber Chocolate

Chocolate obsessed librarian shares her thoughts.

Daring Librarian

Gwyneth Jones from Murray Hill Middle School Library in Laurel, MD, shares her love of technology.


A disheveled library-gal comes clean.

Disruptive Library Technology Jester

Offers posts about the changes in libraries and in higher education.

The Distant Librarian

Commentaries regarding the world of distance librarianship.

Eclectic Librarian

Links, commentary, and other musings by a serialist.

Educational Technology for Librarians

Blog aims to help librarians and readers to share best practices and technologies to enable a stronger connection between information professionals and library users.

Ex Libris Olkgal

Posts from a bibliophile and librarian in Singapore.

Thoughts and ideas form an Australian librarian.

Feel-good Librarian

Inspirational thoughts for librarians everywhere.


Collaborative blog authored by librarians.

Thoughts from the library.

Free Range Librarian

Blog from a technology friendly librarian.

Frontier Librarian

Displays the blog of two librarians, formerly living in Sarawak, now rediscovering life in Melbourne.

Happyville Library

Journal of library life in the Midwest.

Head Tale

A librarian shares insights into her work, as well as personal posts and video clips.

The Illustrated Librarian

Updates from a tattoo aficionado and librarian.

In the Library with the Lead Pipe

Team of librarians discuss all things library, aiming to shatter misconceptions.

Information Tyrannosaur

Andy Burkhardt, librarian and emerging technology enthusiast, blogs about his passions.

Lady Crumpet's Armoire

Online journal of a librairian.

Larocque and Roll

Online journal with reading recommendations.

Librarian Avengers

Offer commentary on current events and life as a librarian.

Librarian in Black

Resources and discussions for librarians.

Librarian Ire

Offers insights into library life.

The Librarian is In

Librarian Justine Shaffner writes about all things related to public libraries including virtual tours of public libraries visited in the US and abroad.

The LibrariYAn

Librarian with a YA literature addiction and a passion for serving young people posts on young adult literature news and reviews.

Library Garden

Online forum for librarians posts different thoughts and views on various issues.

Library Grrl

Posts from a feminist and librarian.

Library Stuff

Library weblog dedicated to resources for keeping current and professional development.

Library Techtonics

Stories from life at the library.

Love the Liberry

Humorous stories on life at the library.

The Misadventures of Super Librarian

Humorous insights into the life of a librarian.

Miss Information

The life of a tormented library clerk.

New Jack Librarian

Blog written by Mita, a librarian.

No Shhing Here

Writing about life in a sometimes chaotic junior high school library.

OA Librarian

Librarians offering open access resources for librarians.

Observations of a Librarian

Offers music recommendations and thoughts on life.

Osten Ard

Live journal of a public library librarian.

Practical Librarian

Public reference librarian and library consultant offers thoughts on the practicalities of her work.

The Rabid Librarian's Ravings in the Wind

Life journal with assorted random facts.

Radical Reference Blog

A collection of US wide volunteer library workers providing professional research support, education and access to information, so citizens can participate in the democratic process.

Ravings of a Lunatic Librarian

Musings from the mind of a mad librarian.

Real Public Librarian

Reflections of a public librarian in a small coastal community in Australia.

Reeling and Writhing

Covers books, media and writing through the eyes of an Australian librarian.

Ref Grunt

Thoughts from the reference desk.

The Shifted Librarian

Features anecdotes from the library.

Short and Sweet Like Me

Family update from a librarian in training.

Silly Librarian

Posting rhymes, songs and stories this librarian uses with toddlers and young children.


Describes how a young adult librarian from Oklahoma views life.

Social Justice Librarian

A multi-author blog containing news, ponderings, and analysis related to social justice and human rights in librarianship.

Tales from the "Liberry"

Tales from a small town library.


Library insights from a new librarian.

Teen Librarian

Focusing on what teens need from a library in this digital age.

That Rabbit Girl

Tales of a Chicago librarian.

This Much Is True

Posts from a public library librarian.

Toys In The Attic

Anecdotes from life at the library.

Trading Knowledge

A librarian blogs about his observations on scientific information.

The Ubiquitous Librarian

Brian Mathews is Assistant University Librarian at UC Santa Barbara. His blog is about improving user experiences and the pursuit of use-sensitive libraries.

Union Librarian

Contains news about activities, Union Library Workers, and unions for librarians.

The Vampire Librarian

Really a librarian, not really a vampire.

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