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Offers discovery of all types of news stories and stories on entertainment.

The 6th Floor

Blog of Thew New York Times Magazine. Presents the ideas, arguments, updates, and items of interest of editors, designers, writers, researchers, and photo editors.

ACED Magazine

Entertainment and lifestyle online magazine for young adults (16-34), featuring unique celebrity interviews, feature content, media reviews, and contests.


Commentaries on world economy and politics. Includes global issues and forums with Sean-Paul Kelley as the editor.


News headlines with commentary from Gary Farber.

Arctic Focus

Independent news agency run by a group of journalists and enthusiasts from around the world providing news and information on Arctic region and around it.

Art of the Guillotine

Offers news, tutorials and items of interest to professional TV and film editors.

Australian News Blogs

Offers a selection of Australian blogs providing news and commentary on local and international issues.

Backstage with Supak

Progressive blog with liberal political news, opinions, and philosophy, written by an environmentalist.

The Baffler

Journal of art and criticism and is edited by John Summers with Thomas Frank and Chris Lehmann.

Bag News Notes

Dedicated to the discussion and analysis of news images.

Before It's News

Collaborative blog allowing anyone to upload their own news stories.

Big Blog

Breaking news including arts and culture, science, e-commerce, and more.

Blogger News Network

BNN reports, analyzes, and editorializes the news of the day.

Blogs of War

Compiles news blogs from various sources and covers topics ranging from general news to military issues.


Features several odd and informative news stories and Web sites each day. Visit frequently or set up an RSS feed for fun surprises about culture, technology, politics and more.

Cambridge Who's Who News

The mission of this organization is to bring support, recognition and credibility to its members through press releases about their accomplishments.

The Carpetbagger Report

News based commentary, analysis, and tirades on politics in America.

Center for Citizen Media

Helps and encourages grassroots media and citizen journalism.

CHF News

Offers the latest world news.


Blog offering political news, talk radio, media, and TV news.


Chimpanzee news and views from around the world.

Citizen Tube

YouTube's News and Politics blog covers the use of this media by citizen journalists and activists.

City Lights

Column that runs every Sunday in the Billings Gazette, written by Ed Kemmick.

CNN iReport

Offering highlights from CNN's citizen journalist portal.


Digital advertising network targets information for the 20-something male.


Consolidates RSS feeds into a cursory view of the day's news.

Daily News and Bussiness Tips

Offers daily international news regarding business, entertainment, politics, and sports.

Dandelion Salad

Offers world news and videos, editorials, and creative writings by a staff of volunteers and writers.


Share, discover and promote news articles and videos.


Providing access to up-to-date alternative news.

Eat the Press

Huntington Post media news, commentary, and analysis.

Elementals Alternative News Blog

Featuring an extensive round up of alternative news.

The Events and Festivals Times

Daily guide to business, entertainment, sports, technology, local, art events around the world.


Collection of bizarre and interesting news stories about show business, sports, politics, and other subjects.

FBI News Blog

Offering official FBI news, alerts and updates.

Foreign Policy Digest

Distinguished journalists focus on world affairs in this blog, in an effort to help US citizens and future policy makers understand the world beyond their borders.

FOX News Health Blog

Health news and information from FOX News journalists, contributors, and personalities.

Global Voices Online

Participatory media news room for voices from the developing world.

Gotham Gazette

NYC politics and policy, elections, classifieds, and commentary.

Guardian Unlimited Newsblog

Staff writers provide information on business, sports, technology, world news, and arts.

Hominid Views

News and views about politics, news and current events.

The Hot Joints

Provider of original editorials and breaking news from around the world .

The Hot Joints

Source for breaking news and opinion covering a wide range of topics.

Howard Owens

Online publisher of news posts about his career, and a range of other topics that interest him.

The Huffington Post

Providing daily news and opinion on world events and politics.

In DC Journal

News postings from Washington DC.

In These New Times

Provides a digest of radical world news stories from a left wing viewpoint.

Infomaniac: Behind the News

A veteran news researcher posts about the news, blogs and journalism, new media, and research.

The Inquisitr

Offers technology, gaming, sport, entertainment, world and lifestyle news.

Interesting Thing of the Day

An ongoing series of entertaining and educational articles about unusual or intriguing topics of all kinds. Subjects include foods, places, language, ideas, history, science and technology.

Investigative Reporters and Editors

Forum for journalists to share ideas, news resources, and news gathering techniques. Includes publications, and a job and resource center.

Irish Echo

A USA Irish-American newspaper. Covers events, Irish hospitality and business, law and order, and classifieds.


Technology focused news portal offering a wealth of information on geek culture and news.

Lera Blog

Addressing a wide range of topics: business, advertising, Internet marketing, new technologies and more. LeraBlog1

Media Decoder

Aims to offer an insider's guide to the media industry including the business of television, print media, cinema, advertising, marketing, and new media.


Blog features postings about investigations and conducted to keep the media honest.


Community blog featuring commentary of current events, news, and popular culture.

The Morning News

Daily news blog features commentary and analysis of the latest information from around the world.

MTV Newsroom

Music Television blog provides insights into MTV’s newsroom.

The News Blog

Commentary and analysis of current events.

News Dissector

News headlines with commentary from Danny Schechter.

News Videographer

Supplies online video journalism news and discussion, critiques, and training.


Contains local and world news, sports, politics, technology, and entertainment.

Night Shift Design

Provides blog posts on a variety of subjects.

Northern Vice Blog

Provides a take on traditional news blogs featuring unique stories on entertainment, sports, business, tech and more.


Contains national and world news, audio, and podcasts.

NPR: Blog of the Nation

The blog of NPR's Talk of the Nation. Discussion about recent stories aired on the show.

NPR: Daydreaming

Official blog for NPR's Day to Day noontime news show.

NPR: Ombudsman

Addresses ethical and stylistic concerns about NPR stories as raised by listeners as well as NPR staff.

On Deadline

USATODAY's blog for all latest breaking news.

Online News Squared

News about the online news industry.

Pacific Views

Information and articles on civil liberties, education, entertainment, environmental issues, food, health, and history.

Pars Herald

Offers news from around the world covering topics on politics, economy, world and people, sports and technology. ParsHerald

PBS: Ombudsman

Addresses ethical and stylistic concerns about PBS programming as raised by viewers as well as PBS staff.

Public Journalism Network

Daily updates on world events and breaking news.

Questions and Observations

Provides commentaries and essays on military and foreign affairs, economics, and politics.

The Raw Story

Seeks out alternative news which it believes is underplayed by the mainstream media.

Reuters Blogs

Collection of all Reuters blogs including most discussed, recent posts, breaking news and tweets.


Offers analysis and commentary about the rhetoric, propaganda, and spin of journalism and politics, including analysis of presidential speeches and election campaigns.


News stories, commentary, and discussion of current topics.

Robin Good Latest News

Ideas, tools and resources to communicate and learn more effectively with new media technologies.

Scott LaFee

Offers articles written by Scott LaFee for the San Diego Union-Tribune covering science, medicine and technology.

SFN Blog

Shaping the Future of Newspaper. Covers advertising, circulation, journalism, newsrooms, and printing and production.


The news blog from National Public Radio’s “Weekend Edition”.

Spinning and Being Spun

A critical watch of the PR industry and spin doctors as they affect journalism and politics.

Journalist and consultant Steve Outing, writes about digital media, the future of news and media, and news in the Internet.

This American Life

Online home of this weekly public radio show, with a different newsy theme each week. thisamerlife

This Just In

CNN news blog covering world news, politics, entertainment, health, sports, and opinions.

Truth Laid Bear

Provides articles on current events.

TV News Grapevine

An advice forum for television news people, including tricks of the trade.


Contains various talk about videography, and what is happening in the world of Videomaker magazine.

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