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Trivia and List Blogs

11 Points

Featuring a variety of 11 point lists, some serious, some humorous.


Presenting short articles featuring the top 5 of just about everything. 5topdotcom

Biz Quizzard

Features a weekly current affairs quiz based on the previous weeks events.


A business and news trivia blog as well as a source of content based solutions for the knowledge domain.

I Love Charts

Charts of all sorts; categories range from the humorous to informative, to topical issues, and even homemade charts. ilovecharts


Features top 10 lists and videos about popular Internet favorites as well as unheard of topics. listverse

Make the Lists

Submit or read the lists covering topics such as animals, entertainment, food, health, history, home, and Internet.

Mental Floss

Offering random facts, trivia and interesting titbits.

Movie Mistakes

Posts highlighting errors and mistakes in popular movies.


Top ten lists and pop culture rants.

Pub Quiz Blog

On a quest for the answers to pub quiz questions.

Offers quiz information, events, reviews, questions, and brand histories.

Sex Trivia 101

Posts informative but fun sex and sexual health trivia and quizzes.

To-Do List

Analyzing to-do lists and what they say about the maker of the list.

Top 10 Lists

Offering a countdown of the top ten of almost everything.

Trivia Blog

Quiz blog offering trivia tidbits.

Unbelievable Facts

Showcasing strange, little known or odd facts. unbefacts

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