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A Tunisian Girl

The author, writing in a mixture of English, French and Arabic, chronicles her country's struggle for freedom.

Africa Can... End Poverty

World Bank blog focusing on the economic situation in Africa. worldbank

Africa is a Country

Collaborative blog written by a group of journalists concerned with media representations of the African continent and its peoples, especially in Western media.

Africa News

News from the African continent, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Africa Travel Information

Blogs about travel destinations and attractions in Africa including information on animal migration, African wildlife spectacles and facts about the Big Five.

Africa Unchained

Examines issues raised by George Ayittey's book "Africa Unchained", which proposed a controversial model of economic development for the continent.

Africa Works

G. Pascal Zachary, professor at Arizona State University, writes about reform techniques which work in Sub-Saharan Africa - and those which don't.

African Agriculture

Keeping abreast of and analyzing news about African agriculture.

African Moves

Covers a range of African news and topics.

African Politics Now

Analyzes and reports on the latest developments in the African political sphere.

Annansi Chronicles

Reporting on African business and culture trends.

Big Africa Cycle

Follow Peter Gostelow as he cycles across Africa to raise money for The Against Malaria Foundation.

Congo Masquerade

Offering commentary on the political culture of aid inefficiency and reform failure in the Congo region.

Congo Siasa

Offering coverage and analysis of current affairs in Congo.

Daily News

Featuring daily English language news and current affairs from Tanzania. dailynewstz

Diary of an African Entrepreneur

Follows the story of an anonymous African entrepreneur as he tries to replicate his success in the US back in his native land.

Ed Aarons

Freelance journalist specialising in African football.

Endulen Maasai Diary

Maasai Education Project at Endulen in the Ngorongoro Conservation area. It is aimed especially but not exclusively at Maasai women.

Enough Said

Focuses on news from this campaign group which aims to highlight and eradicate genocide and crimes against humanity, particularly in Darfur, Southern Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Eye Newspaper

Award winning African blog featuring news about the continent.

Friends of the Congo

Celebrating Congolese culture and supporting the country's efforts to bring about peaceful change.

FT Africa

News and commentary on African issues from the Financial Times.

Healing Trauma in DR Congo

Shares inspirational stories and photos of how women survivors of sexual violence in DR Congo are rebuilding their lives.

Image Nations

Poet shares his passion for African literary works, with reviews and commentary.

Liberian Daily Observer

Providing news reports and current affairs from Liberia.

Marrakech Xanthe Pat

Blogging about what to eat, where to stay and what art and fashion to enjoy in Marrakech, Morocco.

Nubian Cheetah

Discusses sustainable ideas for an entrepreneurial renaissance in Africa.

Pan-African News Wire

Featuring news coverage from across the African continent.

Random Thoughts from Bennett Kankuzi

Blog about science, politics, religion and personal experiences in the journey of life.

Rhino Conservation

Find information on efforts to raise public awareness about the illegal trade in rhino horn.

Scribbles from the Den

Dibussi Tande writes about people, places, issues and events in Cameroon.

Socio Lingo Africa

Author focuses on good news about Africa, drawn from a variety of sources.

Som Today

Provides English language news from Somalia.

Sudan Reeves

An American researcher and analyst provides an ongoing archive of his publications, testimony, and academic presentations on the situation in Sudan.

Tech Loy

African technology news and information. techloy

Thought Leader

Editorial group blog of quality commentary and analysis.

Until Our Independence

Views from an African political scientist on the news in Côte d'Ivoire and Africa.

Wild Thoughts from Uganda

A writer, naturalist, educator, and a trip leader blogs about life in Uganda.

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