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All Things German

Information blog which provides background details on the practicalities of living in Germany.

Defensive Midfielder

Tactical football match reports, primarily from the Bundesliga.

Ex Patria

Living the expat life in Germany with a US husband and four kids.

German Diary

Observations on life from a former resident of New York City, now living in Cologne.

The German Way Expat Blog

Discusses the practicalities of expat life in Germany and other German speaking countries of Europe.

Living in Germany

Follows the lives of a family with five children who moved to Dusseldorf.

Mars over Erlangen

Daily life in Erlangen, from the point of view of a Chicago expat.

My Life as I Know It

Follows a Canadian as she prepares to move her family of five to Heidelberg.

My Own Personal Circus

American born author who has lived in Germany for more than half his life posts about his experiences of the country.

Notes from Germany

Observation on everyday life in Germany.

Nothing for Ungood

Chronicling German quirks from an American perspective.

Ollie in Munich

Irish expat posts photographs from in and around Munich.


Opinions from a US expat and McDonalds franchisee in Germany.

Phone Cam 365

English expat posts one photo per day from Saarland.

Silvia Racconta

Young Italian woman blogs about her life and adventures in Munich.

That Queer Expatriate

Gay American expat blogs about life in Weimar.

Waterloo Birdhaus

Texan geneticist offers insight into life in Dresden.

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