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The Adventures of Swiss Ms

Documenting the author's early retirement to Switzerland.

Based in Villigen

Captures regular photos from in and around Villigen.

From My Swiss Window

Postings as the author explores Switzerland with her French husband and four children.

Joie de Kitty

Thoughts from a Texax born translator on being Jewish in Switzerland.

Montreux Life

Hotel staff comment on the best places to go and things to do in Montreux.

Newly Swissed

Offering advice and guidance to new expatriates living in Switzerland. newlyswissed

One Big Yodel

Observations from an American writer now resident in Switzerland.

Peterthals in Zurich

Posts by an American mommy in Zurich.

Queso Suizo

Author blogs about life as a newlywed couple in Switzerland, and her penchant for cheese.

Settling in with the Swiss

Follows the author's journey as she settles into a new life in Switzerland.

Swiss Family Mac

Following the lives of this American family with a toddler and a baby as they relocate to Switzerland.

Swiss Info

Swiss Broadcasting Corporation blog which aims to provide news and current affairs updates in English.


American and Australian couple share their thoughts on living and working in Switzerland.

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