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A Modern Military Mother's Blog

Documenting life raising two children while having a husband in the military.

A Modern Mother

Candid insights into modern motherhood in the UK.

An Accountant, A Hypochondriac and A Baby Called C

British Mum's funny "inside poop" on motherhood.

Are We Nearly There Yet, Mummy?

Popular British Mummy blog with anecdotes, reviews and giveaways.

Diary of a Frugal Family

Inspirational blog featuring easy ways for a family to live well on less.

Family Relationships Magazine

Rounding up news and articles of interest to the modern British family.

Goodbye, Pert Breasts: The Diary of a Newborn Dad

Story about one man’s journey through the sticky goo of pregnancy.

The honest and funny musings of a filmmaker and first time mum, Vicki Psarias.

Hot Cross Mum

Mother, and aspiring author posts on motherhood.

Jo Beaufoix

Life with two little girls for this writer and blogger.

Larger Family Life

Documenting life in Britain with a large family.

Liz Fraser's Weblog

Best selling author, radio presenter and parenting expert.

Marathon Mum

British Mum blogs about running, parenting and working on her first novel.

Metropolitan Mum

London mum, writer and amateur illustrator, navigating through motherhood.

Mum in the Madhouse

Mum works as a freelance project manager and blogs about daily life with her family, including two young boys.

Mummy Musings

A mother writes on juggling motherhood and a career.

Really Kid Friendly

Two Mums post extensively about family friendly places to visit, mostly in Southern England.

Sleep is for the Weak

Writer, art student and single Mum blogs about her creative life with her young son.


Offering insights into what it's like to be a busy work from home Mum with two young children.

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