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1690 An' All Thon

Features a humourous look at Ulster-Scots history.

360 Degree Pierland

Aims to chronicle every pier in Britain.


Posts relating to the research of a PhD student, focusing on airpower and British society, 1908 to 1941.

All Things Robert Dudley

Facts and opinions about the life, times, and family of Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester.

Antiquarian's Attic

Blogging about British history from across a variety of time periods, with a focus on archaeology.

Archaeology Blog

Provides information about archaeological news from Europe, including from digs in Rome, York, and Cordoba, Spain.

Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog

Offering extensive tales of the weird and wonderful history of Britain and Ireland.

The British Pathé Archive

Vintage film footage from their digital news collection.

Business Archives in Scotland

Provides information about the National Strategy for Business Archives in Scotland, in particular their project to find the records of the hundred oldest limited companies still registered at Companies House, Edinburgh.

Cardinal Wolsey's Today in History

Cardinal Wolsey's musings on Tudor history, medieval history, early-modern history and anything else that takes his fancy.

Cumbrian Castle Blog

Castles and historic sites from Cumbria and (sometimes) farther afield.

Dambusters Blog

Compiled and written by Charles Foster, nephew of Dambuster pilot David Maltby. DambustersBlog

East Yorkshire Regiment Living History Group

The website of the East Yorkshire Regiment Living History Group No. 10 Platoon 'B' Company.

Edward II

Devoted to England's much maligned King Edward II, with biographies, interpretations, facts and research.

Georgian London

Features engaging posts about the everyday trivia of life in Georgian London.

Hadrian's Wall Live

Offering insights into the history of Hadrian's Wall, from a local resident.

The Henry Tudor Experience

Devoted to the life of King Henry VII.

Heritage and History

Resource for heritage and history related news from around the UK. heritagehistory

Heritage Journal

Promotes awareness and conservation of the incomparable but often-threatened prehistoric sites of Britain and Ireland.

History Zone

Eclectic history blog by a former teacher and head of history.

Man the Capstan

Covering reenactment of British naval and nautical history.

Mapping the Blitz Bomb Census

Contains updates on the progress of this JISC funded project to map the Blitz Bomb Census in London.

Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts

Written by curators in the British Library's Department of History and Classics, publicising all aspects of the Library's work on western manuscripts produced before 1600.

The Modern Historian

Focuses on the work of an academic historian and his research into the modern world.

Painted Signs and Mosaics

Dedicated to painted signs and mosaics on buildings that provide a valuable insight into our social history and past commercial practices.

Parliament and Women in the Early 20th Century

Blogging about the history of women in Parliament, and touching upon other women's history issues too.

Plantagenet Dynasty

Historical and genealogical resources, images and essays pertaining to the members of the Plantagenet dynasty of England and their descendants, 1154-1485.

The Scottish Emigration Blog

Features the findings of an academic with a PhD in Scottish migration.

Stonehenge Neolithic Houses

English Heritage experimental archaeology project to build houses from 2500 BC at Stonehenge. NeolithicHouses

The Tartan Tour

Offering commentary on Scottish history and heritage.

Trench Fever

Thoughts from a history lecturer who specialises in the social, military and cultural history of Britain during the world wars.

Tudor Queen 6

Focusing on the life of Katherine Parr, sixth wife of Henry VIII.

UK National Inventory of War Memorials

Features, news, articles and commentary about war memorials in the UK.

The Victorian Peeper

Covers all aspects of the history of nineteenth-century Britain and the age of the Victorians (1837-1901).

World War II London Blitz Diary

Digital record of the diary of the author's great grandmother, Ruby Thompson (1884-1970), a mother of seven sons, living in London during the Blitz.

WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier

Made up of transcripts of Harry Lamin's letters from the first World War. The letters are posted exactly 90 years after they were written.

The Yorkist Age

Features posts about the House of York (1385-1485) their families, friends and servants.

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