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38 Degrees

News and updates from this "people power" campaigning organisation which covers a variety of issues, from politics to human rights and international concerns.

A Thousand Reasons

An archive of responses a discussion about the continuing necessity of feminism, conducted on the novelist Linda Grant's Twitter account on the occasion of International Women's Day, 2012.

Abortion Review

News and comment on abortion issues.

APRIL - Adverse Psychiatric Reactions Information Link

Creates awareness and collates information about adverse psychiatric side effects of everyday medicines. Includes advice and support links.

At War With The Motorist

Set up in response to the transport secretary's 2010 statement that he would end Labour’s War On The Motorist; documents and comments on transport and transport policy in Britain, particularly London.

Big Brother Watch

Aims to "free the individual from the state" by highlighting and fighting intrusions into privacy and civil liberties.

Bits of Books, Mostly Biographies

A blog with much well-sourced, detailed research of the history of organised child sexual exploitation.

Carrotworkers Collective

A group of current or ex interns mainly from the creative and cultural sectors comments on issues around internships, job placements and other forms of compulsory free work.

Cathy Fox Blog

Blog which publishes officially released public reports about child sexual abuse and pursues Freedom of Information requests mainly from the website.

Confessions of a Skeptic

Largely concerned with highlighting the child sex abuse which has occurred at Ealing Abbey and St. Benedict's School.

Dale Farm Travellers

For friends and supporters of Dale Farm, the UK’s largest Travellers’ community, under threat of eviction by Basildon Council; with news, information about their campaign, links, and how to get involved.

Devolution Matters

Keeping up with and commenting on all things pertaining to devolution in the UK.

DFID Bloggers

Tales from the front line of The Department for International Development's work to eradicate poverty worldwide.

FIT Watch

Activist blog which aims to monitor and resist police infiltration and activities relating to Forward Intelligence policing.

Francis Beckett

Author and journalist offers his take on the current issues of the day.

Help Me Investigate

Offering advice and resources for journalists or ordinary members of the public investigating current issues.

I'm a Photographer, Not a Terrorist

Objecting to the use of anti-terrorism legislation to hinder photographers.

Jeremy Bamber: The Official Blogger

Official blog of Jeremy Bamber, telling the story of his fight to overturn his 1986 murder conviction.

Life in the UK Test

A site dedicated to helping UK immigrants with the all important British Citizenship Test.

Man's Greatest Mistake

News, comment, and analysis exploring the dominance of the car in economics, politics, and public space, and the costs for society. mansgreatest

Meretz UK

Movement supporting equality, civil rights, human rights, green issues, social justice and peace with a progressive left zionist perspective.

Metric Views

Offers commentary on the transition to the metric system in the UK.

Mike Marqusee

Journalist Mike Marqusee covers issues related to politics, culture and sport.

The Needle Blog

Blog which includes a useful mapping of abuse networks and summary of news coverage.

Parliament Protest

Campaigning against and promoting peaceful resistance to what the authors see as the curtailment of free assembly and free speech,in the SOCPA Designated Area around Parliament Square and beyond.

Pink Stinks

Offering news and updates from this organistion, which campaigns against sexist advertising and media, particularly when targetted at young girls.

Police Spies Out of Our Lives

Campaigning on behalf of women who believe they were duped into relationships with undercover police officers.

Road Danger Reduction Forum

Campaigning, news, and comment supporting a change in focus for road safety policy and practice, from measures to reduce casualties, to measures which reduce danger at the source (motor vehicles).

Save the Woodhead Tunnel

Campaign to reopen a train route linking Manchester to Sheffield in order to meet national climate change commitments, relieve congestion on local roads and boost the local economy.

Shatter Boys UK

Male survivors of child sexual abuse inspiring change through shared experience.


Offering news and perspectives on homelessness from UK charity Shelter.

South Heath Against HS2

Local action group opposed to the proposed high speed rail link that threatens the Chiltern area of outstanding natural beauty. southheath


Extensive archive of press cuttings about organised and institutional child abuse.

UK Against Flouridation

Contains news and updates helpful to the campaign against flouridated water in the UK.

Write To Protest

Started as a protest about Atos and has expanded to write about welfare reform in general.

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