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Middle East


Space for discussion and debate about the Middle East-North Africa region.


Presenting news and updates from the Middle East. albawabaenglish

The Angry Arab

As'ad Abu Khalil provides polemic commentary on the Middle East.

Arab Climate Change

Documenting impacts of climate change on Arab countries and their mitigation and adaptation responses in policy and practice.

Arab League Live Blog

Offering news and updates from the Arab League.

Arab Observer

Blogging about social issues, individual freedoms and human rights in the Arab world.

Arabic Literature (in English)

Offering news of Arabic literature, fresh literary voices, and Arabic-English translation.

The Arabist

An independent journalist offers news and comment on Egypt and the Middle East; includes contributions from other freelance journalists.

Brian's Coffeehouse

Assistant Professor in History at Shippensburg University offers his commentary on Middle Eastern politics, culture and history.

CNN: Inside the Middle East

Commentary, news and video clips from CNN's journalists in the Middle East.

Cyprus44 Blogs

News and articles about life in North Cyprus. Also find advice about holidays and buying property.

Friday Lunch Club

Offering extensive commentary on American policy in the Middle East.

Girl Solo in Arabia

Carolyn McIntyre (Arabist, political analyst and expedition creator) records her travels to recreate the 14th century travels of Ibn Battuta, through what are now 44 countries in the Islamic world.

Global Voices - Middle East & North Africa

News and comment on the Middle East from an international community of bloggers and translators.

Green Prophet

Source of environment news on the Middle East region.

Guardian: This Week in the Middle East

Weekly roundup of topics from the Middle East, by Brian Whitaker, Ian Black and occasional guest contributors from the region.


A place for musings on political and cultural issues concerning the Middle East.

Informed Comment

Daily observations on the Middle East from Juan Cole, Professor of History at Michigan University.


Insight into the region plus critical analysis from by the Arab Studies Institute.

MEI Editor's Blog

The editor of the Middle East Journal blogs about current affairs in the region, with a cultural and historical perspective.


Explores the Middle East through the region's media (both print and television), websites, religious sermons and school books.

Mid East Posts

Rounds up some of the most influential Middle East blog voices in politics, society, culture, arts and sport.

The Middle East

Blog from Time Magazine offers commentary an discussion about the Middle East.

Middle East Diary

Offers analysis of issues in the Middle East, written by McClatchy Newspapers correspondent Shashank Bengali.

Middle East Perspectives

Thoughts and opinions on various Middle East topics, from former NBC News Middle East military analyst and retired intelligence officer, Rick Francona.

Middle East Progress

Offering commentary on developments across the Middle East, from the Center for American Progress.

Middle East Today

Hani Fakhouri, Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan, Flint, discusses important topics in the Middle East.

The New Middle East

Contains commentary on developments in the Middle East, from a professor of political science and former director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Rutgers University.

PAWS Kuwait

Animal welfare society in Kuwait blog about services, pet care and adoptions.

Phoenix Line Dance Club

News and events at a line dancing club in North Cyprus.


A collaborative political blog by a variety of writers, activists and academics, focusing on human rights issues in the Middle East and North Africa.


Robin Yassin-Kassab, author and journalist, comments on Middle Eastern issues and politics.

Silver Lining

Realistic Bird reports and comments on Middle Eastern politics and history, mainly on topics related to Palestine, resistance and protest, and related world news.

Stay True To The Dreams of Thy Youth

Andrew Helms' comments and analysis of Middle Eastern politics and culture.


Collaborative blog offering insight into Islam and the Middle East, from a group of Arabic scholars.

Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer

Focuses on soccer and its politics, both on and off the pitch, throughout the Middle East region, offering commentary on the ways in which the game might offer a voice to the disenfranchised.

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