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United Arab Emirates

A Canadian in Abu Dhabi

Canadian expatriate and resident in Abu Dhabi since 2008 provides insights into life in the Middle East.

An Englishman in Dubai

Award winning blog providing insights and commentary on life in Dubai.

The Arab Observer

Covers social issues, individual freedoms, and human rights in the Arab world.

Circles in the Sand

Musings from an American expat Mommy in Dubai.

The Culturist

Blogging about music, culture and movies in Dubai and nearby cities.

Dubai City Guide

Offers a guide to the city including rules and regulation, information on culture, bars, technology, climate, lifestyle and travel.

Dubai Media Observer

Offers a critical view of the media industry in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Photo Story

Features a photo diary of everyday life in Dubai including photographs of events, architecture and people.

The Emirates Economist

Blog offering economic analysis of events in the UAE.

Estates Dubai

Real estate blog offering news, information and advice on the property market in Dubai.

Finding Abu Dhabi

American couple Sam and Shannon blog about life in the Middle East including posts on expat life, food, culture and travel.

Ginger and Scotch

Chinese American Ginger from New York and partner Scotch from Scotland blog about life in Dubai including posts on food, drink, shopping and travel.

Home and Other Thoughts From Abroad

Sharing the musings of a British expat living in Abu Dhabi.

Life in Dubai

Blog of Australian expatriate who returned to Dubai after a twenty year break.

Sandier Pastures

Working expat mom blogs about her family, cooking, expat life, travels and and living in Dubai.

Webmaster Dubai

Forty something Brit living in Dubai blogs about life in the Middle East.

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