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The Ada Initiative

Supporting women in open technology fields.

Adam's Alchemy Weblog

Covers the authors activities related to his work with alchemy and his alchemy website.


Promotes the investigation and resulting possible benefits of solving unexplained ancient mysteries.

Finding Ada

Celebrating the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Hand picked... and Carefully Sorted

Blog covering developments in agriculture, animal sciences, human sciences, and the environment. Compiled by the content specialists who put together CAB Abstracts.

Humans in Science

Written from the perspective of scientists working outside their home country.

Life Science Tools of the Trade

Information and reviews of the latest science products.

Migrant Birds in Africa

Details of a field project in Burkina Faso, West Africa to better understand what challenges birds face in winter.

Nature Remains

Observations and reflections on the beauty of the natural world through photographs and writings.

Overcoming Bias

Economist Robin Hanson’s blog, on honesty, signaling, disagreement, forecasting, and the far future.

Panda's Thumb

Discusses evolutionary theory, the importance of both science and science education, and shares good conversation from the virtual University of Ediacara.


Blog covers ancient history and science, mysteries, and phenomena.

Philosophy of Science Portal

Blog discusses science, philosophy and the arts.

Right Whale Research Blog

Find information on whale research carried at New England Aquarium.

Science And Politics

Investigates the intersection between politics and science.

Science and Sarcasm

Views on the planet from a light hearted scientist.

Science Blog

Insights and commentary on the sciences.

Science Blogs

Offers a collection of science related blogs. Topics include life science, the environment, humanities, medicine and technology.

Science: Uncovering and Discovering

Explores the creative side of science and instrumentation.

The Scientific Activist

Reporting from the crossroads of science and politics.

Scientist at Work

Blog documenting recent scientific explorations or expeditions, findings, discoveries, and developments. nytimes

SciGuy [Houston Chronicle]

General science blog written by scientist Eric Berger.

Sorting out Science

SOS explains science and technological issues. Topics covered include astronomy, biology, climate, geology, space, and politics and science.

Time Human

A blog about unexplained phenomena, strange creatures, space, time travel, science fiction, and other weird things.

Why Don't You Try This?

Collects a range of science news and innovation stories.

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