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365 Days of Astronomy

Provides an astronomical podcast a day, ranging from simple concepts and how-tos to in-depth discussion, and prepared by individuals, schools, companies and clubs.

A Pacific View

Tom Kerr shares his insights as a staff astronomer on UKIRT on Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

A Voyage To Arcturus

Insights and commentary on astronomy related news headlines.

Alien vs Editor

Offers expert commentary on the search for exoplanets and a new earth. planetquest


Offering tricks and tools for professional astronomers.

Astrobiology Magazine

Covers the full spectrum of astrobiology related news. astrobiologymag


Commentary on contemporary astronomy and biology.


Unravelling space-time with Dr Ian O’Neill, Space Science Producer for Discovery News.


Posts on the science of astronomy.

Astronomy Cast

Weekly astronomy podcast discussing everything from theoretical science to aliens and UFOs.

Astronomy Dude

Astronomy blog dispenses information and postings about astronomy, telescopes, and equipment.

Astronomy Online

Rick Leon Murphy's personal blog which is dedicated to astronomy.


An astronomy blog and podcast.

Australian Aboriginal Astronomy

Covers the Australian Aboriginal Astronomy Project at Macquarie University in Sydney Australia.

Bad Astronomy Blog

Frequently updated blog covering the world of astronomy, by Discover Magazine.

Belajar Astronomy

Blog written by a chemical engineer student with an interest in astronomy. Includes details for those who want to participate in astronomy competitions and olympiads, and offers resources for teachers and tutors.

Cayman Islands Astronomical Society Newsletter

Astronomical society located in the Cayman Islands blog.

Daily Galaxy

Offering insights into space exploration, astronomy and the depiction of both in popular culture.

Dave P's Astronomy

Blog offering insights and commentary on observational astronomy.

Deep Sky Colors

Featuring the astrophotography of Rogelio Bernal Andreo.

Dirty Skies

Online journal of one urban astronomer.

Dynamics of Cats

Astrophysicist speculates on astronomy, science, theoretical issues and science policy.

The E-Astronomer

Blogging by a Professor of Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh, who works on quasars, observational cosmology, and big, big sky surveys.

Flintstone Stargazing

Focusing on imaging and observational astronomy for the amateur.

Galaxy Girl

Astronomy blog from a PhD candidate.

Imaging Source Astronomy Cameras Blog

Covers products, support, and dealers.

The Imaging Source Astronomy Cameras Blog

Featuring astronomy camera reviews, tips and tricks. TISAstroCam

In the Dark

Peter Coles, Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at Cardiff University, shares insights into his cosmology research.

Inky Circus

Eclectic collection of posts often discussing astronomy.

Jay's Astronomical Observing Blog

One blogger's venture into the world of amateur astronomy and visual observing.

The Jodcast

Jodrell Bank astronomers host this regular podcast for amateur sky gazers. jodcast

Megan's Blog

News and information on modern day astronomy.

Meteor Watch

Blogging about meteors, meteor showers and how to see them. virtualastro

Nepal Astronomical Society(NASO)

Official blog of Nepal Astronomical Society(NASO) to Celebrate IYA2009 in Nepal.

One Minute Astronomer

Provides basic astronomy advice and guidance, one step at at time, for busy people.

Phil's Astronomy Blog

Astronomy and astrophotography for the beginner and try-hard amateur.

Professor Astronomy

Discussing the day to day life of an astronomer as well as astronomy education.

Professor Astronomy

Discussing current astronomy events, news, and the day-to-day life of a research astronomer.

Remanzacco Observatory

News and information about comets and asteroids by Remanzacco Astronomical Observatory, Italy.

The Return of Comet Halley

Provides weekly columns written by Robert Ballantyne for the Winnipeg Free Press from 1985-1987.

Saltwater Witch Astronomy

Chris Howard's astronomy journal, an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer in coastal New Hampshire.

Skymania's Blogcast

Astronomy and space news reports by Paul Sutherland.

Space Photos

Displays a wide range of photos as well as information on space, planets and stars.

Space Politics

Information on how laws and regulations impact astronomers and astronomy.

Space Station Shuttle

Latest news on NASA, space and space missions.

Space Weather

Providing daily updates on solar spots, asteroids, auroras and other space phenomena.

Contains NASA information and news, science and astronomy, spaceflights, images, videos, skywatching video galleries, and technology and robots.

SSON Remote Astronomy Blog

Remote astronomy topics presented by the Sierra Stars Observatory Network.

Star Stryder

Commentary on the use of digital media to engage the public with astronomy and related sciences.

Supernova Condensate

Writings from a proto-astrochemist, trying to figure out how to be a scientist.

Sydney Observatory Blog

Offering news and updates from the Sydney Observatory.

Teaching the History of Astronomy

Thoughts from a physics and astronomy professor at a liberal arts college.

Top of the Lawn

Group of astronomy enthusiasts gather at the top of the Great Lawn in Central Park.

Universe Today

Features space news, articles, theories, and opinion.

The Urban Astronomer

A San Francisco based astronomer offers insights on watching the night sky, even if you live in a big city.

Visual Astronomy

Covers visual astronomy on a budget, showing what can be seen with the naked eye and modest backyard telescopes.

We Are All in the Gutter

Features regular postings about the post-doctoral interests of the three astronomy researcher authors.

Women in Astronomy

The Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy recommends ways to improve women's standing in and access to this field.

Women in Planetary Science

Focuses on the biographies and work of modern women working in astronomy, cosmology and planetary science.

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