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Biology Blogs

A Blog Around the Clock

Offering thoughts and theories on chronobiology and circadian rhythms, with the odd bit of politics thrown in.

ARKive Blog

Official blog of the ARKive project, which aims to accumulate a comprehensive archive of wildlife images.

The Artful Amoeba

Blogging about weird wonderfulness of life on earth.


Blogging about the creation of biological databases.


Offers biology news posted by an ecologist and entomologist.


Weblog about biology through the eyes of two physics graduate students.

The Biology Blog

Offers biological sciences news and articles.


Aims to chronicle the world's most remarkable advances in biological systems.


Features posts about systematics and taxonomy.

Bird's Brain

Blog spotlights commentary about science, physiology from a hula hooping, TKD black-belt wearing, radio show producing, grad student with aspirations of science journalism.

Bootstrap Analysis

An urban field ecologist offers his opinions on current science and environmental issues.

Culturing Science

Examining biology as it's relevant to our daily human lives.

The Daily Transcript

News and views from a postdoctoral fellow in cell biology.

Discovering Biology in a Digital World

Thoughts on biology, teaching, life, and exploring the living world via the digital one by a digital biologist, teacher, and entrepreneur.


Collection of photos, scanned images, and illustrations of anatomical interest.

For the Sake of Science

Biology student writes about evolution, atheism, civil rights, and whatever else tickles his fancy.

The force that through

Doctor Paul Decelles' postings on genetics, entomology and other topics in biology.


New Atlantis blog focusing on radical human enhancement.

Genealogical World of Phylogenetic Networks

Learned blog covering biology, computational science and networks.

The Intersection

Supplies news and postings about marine biology, aquatic wildlife and how politics effects both.

John Haws Weblog

Thoughts, discussions and information on subjects related to genetics, evolution and paleoanthropology.

Journal of Ecology Blog

A journal of the British Ecological Society.

Living the Scientific Life (Scientist Interrupted)

The adventures of a female scientist and freelance writer who lives in NYC. Every Friday is "Birds in the News" Day.

The Loom

Compiles writings on genetics, evolution and many others related to life science.

The Loom

Discover Magazine's blog on evolution, biology and past and future life, by science writer Carl Zimmer.

Marine Animal News

News of various topics including marine animals and marine biology.

Mike the Mad Biologist

Insights into political interference win science.

The Node

Community blog for and by developmental biologists, covering news, meetings, and research. the_Node

Oikos Blog

Journal of the Nordic Society Oikos, and publication of research on all aspects of ecology.


Hosts biology news and thoughts from associate professor of biology Paul Z. Myers.

Rhosgobel: Radagast's home

Written by a California community college biology instructor.


A skeptical biochemist from Canada shares his musings on a variety of Darwin and biochem topics.

Synthetic Biology and Gene Synthesis

Explains synthetic biology, gene synthesis, DNA engineering, and offers the basics of stem cells.

Universal Acid

Thoughts on biology, politics, and society.

Whirlpool of Life

A blog about nature and how the living world works. Covers a wide range of topics including paleontology, evolution, ecology, sustainability, philosophy, and psychology.

Yann Klimentidis' Weblog

Webspace intended for formal or informal discussions evolution, genetics, physiology and other biological matters.

Young Female Scientist

Updates from a postdoc in the biomedical sciences.

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