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Biotechnology Biotech and Biomedical

Introduction to biotechnology with various articles that cover various aspects of biotechnological interest.

African Biotechnology Stakeholders Forum

Presents the status of biotechnology in Kenya and Africa, conferences and events, biosafety protocols, journals, articles, and pertinent congress proceedings.

Asia Pacific Biotech

Biweekly publication on pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, agriculture, healthcare and nutrition.

Bio-IT World

Online biotechnology news portal featuring news, articles, subscription information, and a calendar of events.


Dedicated to informing and educating the biotechnology workforce. Presents education programs and professional development opportunities. With news, maps, and forum.

Biotech Knowledge Center

Introduction to the basics of biotechnology with news, topical discussions, and a glossary.

Glossary of terms used in or related to biotechnology. Serves as the online version of Technomic Publishings' Glossary of Biotechnology Terms by Kimball R. Nill.

Council for Biotechnology Information

Communicates science-based information about the benefits and safety of agricultural and food biotechnology.

Evelexa BioResources

Online portal to information, people, and capital for biotechnology startups.

US National Center for Biotechnology Information

Provides information on the US National Center for Biotechnology Information which, itself, is a molecular biology resource that conducts research in computational biology and related areas.

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