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Biology Botany

A Wandering Botanist

Combining a love of botany with a love of travel and adventure.

Awkward Botany

Blog for the plant obsessed, as well as for the plant interested and the plant curious.


Aims to foster discussion about agriculture and genetic engineering.

Botany Blog

Posts photos and brief informative notes on American plants.

Botany One

News from the Annals of Botany journal.

Botany Photo of the Day

Regular botanical photographs and posts from the UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research in Canada.

Get Your Botany On

Features botany quizzes and photographs.

In Defense of Plants

Postings from a guy who is obsessed with botany and the plants of the world.

International Association of Bryologists

Posts news and updates from this Association, of interest to both professional and amateur bryologists.


Posts regular explanations of botanical terms, illustrated by plants native to New Zealand.

The Phytophactor

Author and academic botanist ponders plant diversity, taxonomy, economic botany, and rain forest ecology.

Talking Plants

Botanic Gardens Director in Sydney, Australia, shares insights into his work.

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