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Biology Evolution


Discussing causes, origins, evolution, and implications of disease and other phenomena.

The Austringer

Weblog of scientist Wesley R. Elsberry.

De Rerum Natura

Blog discussing the nature of evolution and science.

Dispersal of Darwin

Comments and remarks about Darwin and evolution from Michael D. Barton.

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Discussion of evolution with an ecological slant.


Discussion of evolution and genetics.

Evolution News and Views

Reports and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

The Evolution Project

Documenting evolutionary biology in use.


Commentary on developments in the endless dispute between evolution and creationism.

Evolving Thoughts

Thoughts on evolution, culture, and philosophy.

Gene Expression

Razib Khan's blog at Discover Magazine talks about genes and genetics.


Evolutionary biologist critiques politics, genomes, and the role of evolution.

Greg Laden's Blog

Covers topics such as evolution, life sciences, science education, and human evolution.

Law Evolution Science and Junk Science

Thoughts on the abuse of science in law.


Blog provides resources for those interested in evolution, cognitiive science, artificial life, and artificial intelligence.

The Proper Study Of Mankind

Information and thoughts on human nature, philosophy and evolution.

Red State Rabble

Writer and editor who lives in Kansas makes the case for evolution.

Teaching Evolution

Blog devoted to teaching evolution, in schools and communities.

Thoughts from Kansas

Thoughts on the teaching of evolution.

Why Evolution is True

Written by Jerry A. Coyne, Ph.D, a Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Chicago.

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