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Biology Genetics

23 and Me

Personal genetics company; blog contains news, research updates and advice. 23andme

American Genes

Discusses the scientific and social impacts of the latest healthcare advancements.

Biopolitical Times

Center for Genetics and Society presents news and commentary on human biotechnologies.

Council For Responsible Genetics

Blog covers the social, ethical, and environmental implications of genetic technology.

The DNA Exchange

A group of genetic counselors discussing genetic-related issues.

Entropy Production

Robert McLeod discusses regarding various topics related to entropy.

European Genetics and Anthropology Blog

Focusing on European population genetics and modern anthropology.


Collection of informal writings on science, evolution and genteics.

Gene Expression

News headlines and breakthroughs from the world of genetics.

Genetic Future

Commentary on human genetics and evolution, direct-to-consumer genetic testing, and the personal genomics industry.

The Genetic Genealogist

Explores the latest news and developments in the field of personal genomics and the intersection of traditional genealogical techniques and modern genetic research.

Genetics Genie

Blog set up and run by a professional hospital genetic scientist in London with a focus on informing the public on consumer genetic testing. The blog will also give knowledgeable commentary on popular genetics in the news.

Genome Research

A peer-reviewed journal focusing on research that offers insights into the genome biology of all organisms, including advances in genomic medicine.

Genomes Unzipped

Independent commentary on the personal genomics industry. genomesunzipped

Genomics Law Report

Publication of the law firm Robinson, Bradshaw & Hinson, analyzing the legal implications of developments in the fields of genomics and personalized medicine.

GMO Africa

News and commentary on the benefits of genetically modified food.

Information on Genes

Experts in the field provide information on genes, genetics, and genomics.

John Hawks Anthropology Weblog

Paleoanthropology, genetics, and evolution are discussed.

Mary Meets Dolly

Catholic guide to biotechnology, genetics and genetic engineering.

Naked Genetics

Cambridge University researchers strip genetics down to its basics. nakedscientists

The Personal Genome

Discussion of genomics in medicine and daily life.

Science and Sensibility

Thoughts from a New Zealand student of genetics and biochemistry.

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