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Plants and Animals Science Blogs

Arizona: Beetles, Bugs, Birds and more

Biologist and painter, Dr. Margarethe Brummermann, shares her adventures and observation.

Bacteriality - Understanding Chronic Disease

A review of clinical and laboratory research implicating bacteria in chronic disease.

Blue Jay Barrens

Shows the variety of rare native plant and animal species in the Blue Jay Barrens, which is located in Southern Ohio.

Cornell Mushroom Blog

Blog written by a collection of faculty, staff, and students at Cornell University covering fungi.

The Daily Coyote

Follow the story of a wild-born coyote raised by a human after his parents were shot.

The Scorpion Files

Features news about all aspects of scorpion biology, plus taxonomical updates.

Spirochetes Unwound

A research scientist writes about the bacteria, spirochetes. Includes research and the human diseases they cause.

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