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Adrian Dingle's Chemistry Blog

A chemistry teacher shares resources and insight. adchempages

The Chem Blog

Featuring a chemist's musings and observations.


A mixture of humorous and serious blogging about chemistry research, history and ideas.


Egon Willighagen's blog on chemblaics-related subjects.

Chemical Blogs

Offers a collection of blogs for the chemistry community.

Chemical Science Blog

Journal for findings of exceptional significance from across the chemical sciences.

ChemInfo - Chemistry Blog

Offers discussion on related topics and the chemical industry.


Posts pertain to chemical information and modeling, cheminformatics, drug discovery, and predictive toxicology.

Chemiotics II

Covering organic chemistry, neurology and molecular biology.

Chemistry and Technology

Chemistry and tech blog that includes useful medical information.

Chemistry Blog

Blog covers education, chemical biology, electronics, safety, science events, and offers opinions.

Chemistry Class

Posts from a chemistry professor.

Chemistry Times

Source of information regarding the latest chemistry news and research.

Chemistry World Blog

News, opinions and discussion about the chemical sciences from Chemistry World, by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Chemists Without Borders

International chemists' postings on humanitarian problems and their possible solutions through chemistry.


Reporting from and analyzing the chemistry job scene.

Culture of Chemistry

Information on how chemistry is intertwined with everything from a professor of chemistry.

Curious Wave Function

Organic and computational chemist blogs about the the history, philosophy and sociology of science and how models of chemical and biological phenomena can mirror reality.

Curly Arrow

Discussion of all aspects of synthetic organic chemistry and related sciences.

Depth First

Covers cheminformatics from the perspective of a synthetic organic chemist turned software developer.

The Disgruntled Chemist

Grunts and opinions from a physical chemist. Includes links to chemistry forums.

Everyday Scientist

A group's information sharing on chemistry and everyday chemistry issues.

Interfacial Science

A postdoc's thoughts on chemistry, science and other interests.

Journal of Materials Chemistry Blog

Articles cover the fabrication, properties and applications of materials.

Mass Spectrometry Blog

Covering links, news and other mass spectrometry related items.

Med Chemist

A medical chemist's perception of the latest developments in the field.

Org Prep Daily

Regular postings of synthetic procedures.

Organic Chemistry II

Blog for the Organic Chemistry II class at Drexel University.

Our Obligatory Blog

Chemistry bog from the people behind Mr Chemistry.

Petermr's Blog

Presents the notes and updates of scientist from the Unilever Cambridge Centre for Molecular Informatics. //http//

The Safety Zone

Blogging about chemical lab safety everywhere from the high school to industrial and manufacturing labs.

The Sceptical Chymist

Journals and discussion on just about anything related to chemistry in nature.

She Blinded Me with Science

Rants and musings from a member of a synthetic organic chemistry group.

Teaching Chemistry

A high school chemistry teacher blogs about creating a 21st century classroom. 21stcenturychem

Totally Synthetic

Journals and discussions on chemistry.

Useful Chemistry

Chemistry related news and information.


Notes and information on molecules serving as guides to various chemistry projects.

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