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Earth Sciences Paleontology

A Central Coast Paleontologist

Chronicling the quest of paleontology, archaeology, and an aspiring fossil hunter.


Posts about cephalopods from an amateur paleontologist.

Aquatic Amniote

An Assistant Professor of Anatomy and vertebrate paleontologist writes marine mammals and reptiles, and explores the evolution of aquatic amniotes.

Art Evolved: Life's Time Capsule

Community site of paleo-art, and the ramifications of mixing palaeontology and art together.

The Bite Stuff

Postings on dinosaur and fossil findings, and all things that bite.


Features informed discussion of late triassic paleontology.

The Coastal Paleontologist

Sporadic mutterings of a marine vertebrate paleontologist.

Dave Hone's Archosaur Musings

Observations on the evolution and ecology of theropod dinosaurs and the pterosaurs.

Dinochick Blogs

Random posting on paleontology and geology with a bit of spunk and sass.


Armchair paleontologist and dinosaur groupie scours the net for dino' information.

Dinosaur Tracking

Smithsonian blog which aims to follow where paleontology meets popular culture.


Blog covers dinosaurs and palaeontological topics.


Blog written by an Australian palaeontologist living and working in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Dragon's Tales

Views and commentaries about evolution, extinction, and other related topics.

The Ethical Palaeontologist

A palaeontology student living in West London muses about ethics, evolution, faith and fossils.

Everything Dinosaur

Find dinosaur information, prehistoric animal articles, and news stories related to palaeontology.

Evolution Research - Main Blog

Posts evolution updates and notes.

Evolution Research - Wanted Papers

Presents updates on evolution studies and research.


News and insights dedicated to the intersection of philosophy and palaeontology.

The Integrative Paleontologists

Offering coverage of the latest in paleontology research.

JP Taphonomy

Covers research in research in vertebrate paleontology, with a focus on taphonomic studies and paleobiology.

Land of the Dead

Dan Chure, a paleontologist at Dinosaur National Monument, explores ancient worlds and the plants and animals that lived in them.

Life Before the Dinosaurs

Blog written by a young lad has a big interest in dinosaurs and arthropods.

Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs

Postings dissect dinosaur science and pop culture.

March of the Fossil Penguins

Blogging about fossil discoveries of Sphenisciformes and offering insight into penguins both modern and ancient.

Mike’s Research

Mike studies the evolution, osteology, and allometry of giant flightless birds.

Open Dinosaur Project

Project involving scientists as well as the public. Includes joining information, a how-to guide, and tasks for contributors.

Open Source Paleontologist

Posts on the roles of open access publishing and open source software in paleontology, career advice, and paleo news.

The Open Source Paleontologist

Thoughts on the role of open source software and open access publishing in paleontology.


Articles and discussions about evolution, extinction and fossilization.

Paleo Errata

Includes comments on vertebrate paleontology, religion, and the nature of science.

Pick and Scalpel

Posts from scientists at the WitmerLab at Ohio University.

Prep Lounge

Blog written by a paleontologist who works as a fossil preparator.

The Prep Lounge

Fossil preparator comments on the work and life in the desert.

Raptor's Nest

Postdoctoral research associate explores all aspects of palaeontology.

Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week

SV-POW offers posts and papers written by paleontologists.

Theatrical Tanystropheus

Presents random thought on paleontology, evolution, and philosophy.

Theropod Database Blog

Author shares project updates and papers centered around theropods and other topics.

Updates from the Paleontology Lab

Current activities from the Virginia Museum of Natural History Paleontology Department. altondooley

Why I Hate Theropods

Undergraduate student shares his interest inamniote phylogeny, in particular the structure, function and evolution of skulls in birds, mammals and reptiles.

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