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Action Potential

Nature Neuroscience's official blog.

All In The Mind

Natasha Mitchell explores the human condition through the mind's eye.

Bjoern Brembs Blog

Blog of a biologist covers neuroscientific research, sports, and political or personal topics.

The Brain Clock

Tracks the research and theory regarding the psychology/neuroscience of brain-based mental time keeping.

Brain Ethics

Examining the ethics behind neuroscience research and applications.

Brain Ethics

Compilation of research and news on the consequences of the understanding of the human brain.

Brain Science Podcast

Sharing recent discoveries from the world of neuroscience.

Brain Waves

Neuroscience News, by R. Douglas Fields.

Brain Waves

Postings in the field of neurotechnology.

Brain Windows

Writings and analysis of the new tools for peering into the brain.


News about knowledge of the brain and behavior.

Brains Lab

Informal notes from a blogger studying how the brain works, and former major in Neuroscience and Behavior.


Posts information about brain technology and brain science.

Deric Bownds' MindBlog

Covers new ideas and work on mind, brain, and behavior, plus adds comments on random curious stuff.

Developing Intelligence

Features articles related to brain science and development of intelligence.

The Frontal Cortex

Blog features news and innovations in Neuroscience and commentary about the human brain.

GNIF Brain Blogger

Posts news related to neurology, psychiatry and neuroscience.

Intelligent Insights on Intelligence Theories and Tests

Thoughts, discussions, and scientific findings on human intelligence.

Law and Neuroscience Blog

Examining the legal implications of neuroscience developments.


Features news from this provider of brain training games. lumosity

Man Without Qualities

Blogging about neurophilosophy and sociocognition.

Mind Hacks

Investigates our brains using neuroscience and psychology. Based on a book of the same name.


Compilation of notes and thoughts about the biology of mind.


A blog about the brain. Covering news, research, tips for the brain.


A researcher's blog covering neuroscience and psychiatry. neuroamer


Collaborative blog created to encourage exchanges among anthropology, philosophy, social theory, and the brain sciences.


Reports on an analyzes misrepresentation of neuroscience in the media. neurobonkers


Weblog about neuroscience and bioengineering.


Compilation of notes and texts discussing neuroscience.

The Neurocritic

Research works and discussion on cognitive neuroscience, psychopharmacology and human brain imaging.

Neuroethics and Law Blog

Online sharing of views on the ethical and legal issues surrounding cognition and the brain.


Exploring the world of brain science and the culture of future.

The Neurophile

Collation of articles related to neuroscience.


Seeks to demystify neuroscience, with posts for the layman.


Blog covering all aspects of neuroscience by a molecular and developmental neurobiologist.


Neuroscience podcast from Nature.


Taking a skeptical look at neuroscience news and developments.

Phantoms of the Mind

Commentary and analysis featuring neurolinguistics and neurocognition.

Positive Technology Journal

Tackles subjects and issues about the mind, brain, and its innovative technologies.

School Psychology

Presents news, updates and articles for psychology students.

ScienceBlogs: Brain and Behavior

Featuring a wide variety of blogs on neuroscience and the brain.

Sharp Brains

Focuses on neuroplasticity, brain fitness and cognitive health news.

The Splintered Mind

Contains thoughts on the philosophy of psychology.

Wiring the Brain

Examining what happens when the brain's wiring is wrong.

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