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Physics Blogs


About key developments in physics.


A teacher shares his reflections on the dynamics of teaching physics.


Philosophical and mathematical claims against metaphysics.

The Blog of Phyz

High school physics teaching through the eyes of a teacher.

Cocktail Party Physics

Light discussions about various physics topics.

Dialogos of Eide

Dialogue of ideas from various physicists.

The Econophysics Blog

Journals about applying mathematics and physics to various issues in finance, economics, and the social sciences.

Fun Motion

Details about different physics games and physics-based games downloads.

Illuminating Science

Contains latest science updates and the world of physics.


Applications of thermal infrared (IR) radiation thermometers and thermal imagers.

Journal of Nuclear Physics

Publishes peer-reviewed articles covering various aspects of nuclear physics.

Lubos Motl's Reference Frame

Physics and events as seen from a Czech string theorist's viewpoint.

Michael Nielsen

Contains different physics notes and presentations.

Nanoscale Views

Doug Natelson blogs about condensed matter and nanoscale physics.

The Nature of Reality

Nova's blog on physics, encompassing astrophysics, quantum physics and everything inbetween. novapbs

The n-Category Café

A group's postings on philosophy, physics and mathematics.

Not Even Wrong

Offers coverage of scientist speakers and opinions on the lectures.

Our Undiscovered Universe Blog

Blog on null physics and cosmology theory.

P.P. Cook's Tangent Space

A Ph.D. student's thoughts on math and theoretical physics.

Pauling Blog

Blog presented by the Oregon State University Libraries Special Collections.

The Photonics Spotlight

News, hints and opinions in the area of photonics, particularly laser technology, fiber optics and applications.

Physics and Physicists

Informed commentary on all things physics related.

Physics Blog - Science News and Commentary

Science news, commentary, and useful links.

Physics Geek Jesus Freak

Musings and thoughts of a physicist, husband and father.

Physics Musings

Views and articles of a returning physicist.

Physics Subset

Supports physics teaching and educational activities the author is involved in in Guyana.

Quantum Progress

A physics teacher blogs about raising the energy levels in physics teaching.

Real Physics

Insights ad commentary from a physics Ph.D.

Reality Conditions

Views and perspectives about physics, math, science and philosophy.

Science and Reason

Compilation of articles about physics, cosmology, astrophysics, medicine, and more.

Skulls in the Stars

Interesting concoction where physics and optical science meet pulp fiction, horror and the history of science.

Starts with a Bang

Accessible theoretical physics blog, covering everything from states of matter to why the dinosaurs died out.

The Titanium Physicists Podcast

Offering accessible discussion on a variety of physics subjects.

Uncertain Principles

Physicist’s online journal about physics, politics, and pop culture.

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