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Social Sciences Archaeology

10 Simple Steps to Better Archaeological Management

Practical advice for archaeological project managers to improve their effectiveness.

2012 Blog

Offers discussions on the year 2012 and related science news.

A Very Remote Period Indeed

A blog reviewing recent archaeological publications having to do with paleolithic archaeology, paleoanthropology, lithic technology, hunter-gatherers and archaeological theory.


Thoughts and news from a Swedish archaeologist.

Adventures in Archaeology, Human Palaeoecology and the Internet

Thoughts from a British environmental archaeologist, specialising in mollusc shell analysis.

Ancient Bodies, Ancient Lives

Examines how archaeology can help us to understand sex and gender in the past.

The Ancient Digger

A view from an Archaeology student.

Ancient Egyptian Art

Leena Pekkalainen explores Egyptology at the Manchester University, and paints using ancient Egyptian subjects.

Anglo-Saxon Archaeology Blog

Concerned with news reports featuring Anglo-Saxon period archaeology.


Discussions and news on archaeoastronomy.


Research, discussions and commentaries which revolve on archaelogical subjects.

Archaeological Digs

Updates on archaeological discoveries, new paleontological information, and archaeological travel.

Archaeological Haecceities

Johan Normark's neorealistic blog, with a particular focus on the Maya.

Archaeological News from Archaeology Magazine

Find information for the latest archaeological headlines.

Archaeology Blog

K. Kris Hirst offers a guide to archaeology.

Archaeology Daily News

News, headlines and stories on archaeology, anthropology, paleontology and fossils from around the world.,com_rss/feed,ATOM0.3/no_html,1/

Archaeology News Network

Offers coverage of the latest news in archaeology, anthropology and palaeontology.

Archaeology Online

Offers book reviews and related news headlines.


Presents archaeology news from around the world. In English and German texts.


Takes a lively look at archaeology in the news and in popular culture.

Bad Archaeology

Takes a skeptical view of archaeological finds and the claims for some of them.

Blogging Pompeii

Forum for scholars engaged in the study of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and the other sites of the Bay of Naples to share news and information, and to discuss their work.

Blogging Pompeii

A blog for all those who work on Pompeii and the other archaeological sites of the Bay of Naples.

Current Epigraphy

Reporting on news and events in the current study of epigraphy.


Blog dealing with decoding the archaeology mystery of the ancient Khmer women depicted on the Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat.

Electric Archaeology

Concerns this archaeologist's interest in digital media for teaching, learning, and research in history and archaeology. electricarchaeo

Elfshot: Sticks and Stones

Canadian archaeologist and modern flintknapper shares insights into his craft and his archaeological understanding.

GIS for Archaeology and CRM

An archaeologist's thoughts and musings about the CRM and GIS industries.

Hampden Heritage

Highlights the history, archaeology, and heritage of Central Baltimore.

Maya Decipherment

Blogging about the mysteries of the ancient Mayan script.

Maya News Updates

Offering news on research related to the ancient Maya culture.

Mediterranean Archaeology

Articles from an archaeologist who specializes in Late Bronze and Early Iron Age Greece.

Middle Savagery

Archaeology Ph.D. candidate talks about her work integrating archaeology with new media.

New Archaeology

Compilation of archaeology news, views and notes.

Numismatics and Archaeology

Featuring news and discussion on ancient numismatics, classical archaeology, and cultural property issues.

Ohio Archaeology Blog

Features information on archaeological activities, update and discussion from staff of the Ohio Historical Society.

Paperless Archaeology

Focused on the creation, curation, and publication of entirely digital content from archaeological excavations.

PhDiva - Archaeology, Art, Life, Politics

Contains information about Greek history and Athenian archaeology.

Prehistoric Archaeology Blog

Offering archaeological news from the prehistoric era, with a particular focus on Europe.

Publishing Archaeology

Michael E Smith, an archaeologist who works on Aztec sites, shares his concerns on professional publishing issues in archaeology.

Roman Times

Mary Harrsch writes about current archaeology and classical research into the culture and daily lives of inhabitants of the Roman Empire and Byzantium.

Salto subrius

Journal about archaeology, skepticism, and Sweden. With recommended books and music.

Social Media Insights

Award winning writer offers his thoughts on social media.

Space Age Archaeology

Updates and articles which tackle space age.

Stone Pages Archaeo News

Information about recent archaeological meetings, digs and discoveries, mainly related to prehistoric and megalithic monuments.

Testimony of the Spade

Posts on archaeology with a Scandinavian perspective, by Swedish archaeologist Magnus Reuterdahl.

Theoretical Structural Archaeology

A field archaeologist’s view of building in the ancient world, especially the archaeology of the lost timber built environment of Southern England.

Viking Archaeology Blog

Offering news about Viking archaeology; was originally designed to accompany an Oxford University course.

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