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Above the Noise

Perry Mizota's perspective on technology and other topics, with most related to life as a high-tech entrepreneur.


Offers technology, software, and hardware, information and reviews.

Ars Technica

Blog features news, reviews, analysis, and in-depth coverage of everything regarding technology, technology trends, computers, hardware, and gadgets.

Blah, Blah! Technology

Thoughts, reviews and technology news concerning a wide range of topics.

Broader Perspective

Hedge fund manager and futurist shares her thoughts on contemporary science and technology trends.

Consider Icarus

Exploring the convergence of science, technology, innovation and society, written by a Doctorate in Interdisciplinary Studies. http://


Electricals and gadget weblog reporting on new gadgets and technology.


Technology news, tips and tricks


Offers technology and literature reviews.

Electronics Weekly: Mannerisms

David Manners provides high-tech news and views with an emphasis on the chip industry.

Final Jeopardy

Stephen Baker writes on technology, AI, the future and how the "numerati" are taking over the world.

Forever Geek

Technology focused blog offering news updates and product reviews.

Geeks are Sexy Technology News

Technology, science, news and social issues for geeks, by geeks.


For people who want to “Green it!” the world we are living in via clean technology.

Help Desk Geek

Discussion about help desk tips and how-to computer tips.

Here First

Daily science, technology news, top gadgets and health related blog.

IdeaMamas Blog In Broken English

Ideas shared by Olga Kostrova, Founder and CEO of IdeaMama Group. Articles and essays on management, marketing, technology, AI, innovation, leadership, and extraordinary human's adventures.

IT Pro Portal

Information technology news, commentary, and analysis. Covers hardware, mobile technology and telecommunications, security, network, the Internet, and cloud computing.

Konquest Online

Science and technology news and commentary.


Provides news, reviews and industry analysis on products and services related to the digital lifestyle.

Latest Computer Gadgets

Provides people with trusted reviews, offers and comments about latest computer gadgets, mobile phones and bluetooth devices available in the market.

Latest Technology News

Covers robotics, electronics, computers, cars, space, and gadgets.


Insightful information technology blog that expands on the latest innovations, state-of-the-art technologies and growing trends on the IT market.


A blog about the global metals market, "green" metals, sourcing tools, and the science and technology of the metals world.


Dave Shea's blog about CSS, provides information on projects, and related links.

Microscopes for Sale

Provides information about the different types of microscopes and how to choose the best one.

New Technology Talk

Features a meeting place where technophiles can discuss the latest trends in digital entertainment, communications, computing, and gaming.

Not Exactly Rocket Science

Takes a look into stories about science, human origin, space, and mind and brain.

Om Malik's Broadband Blog

All about digital lifestyles, VoIP, and broadband.

O'Reilly Radar

Insight, analysis, and research about emerging technologies.

Our Technological Future

Discusses the impact emerging technologies will have on life.

The PCR Blog

Reviews, new PCR technology, technical tips, advice, troubleshooting and information on the polymerase chain reaction.

Praetorian Prefect

Information security blog, containing news and commentary on the information security space.

Robots Blog

The latest news in the industrial robot community.

The Scobleizer

Robert Scoble opines on the geek lifestyle.


Breaking news and information on technology, gadgets, hardware, software and related topics.

The State of Tech

Bi-weekly podcast showcasing the latest technology in the educational arena. thestateoftech

Sync Blog

Offers opinions on the consumer electronics, computers, photography, mobile phones, video gaming, and other technology topics.

Tech Crates

Provides technology news and updates and covers gadget reviews, computer tips, bluetooth, and the Internet.

Tech Crunch

Technology coverage with a focus on online business.

Tech Shout

Showcases the latest tech news, reviews, and downloads. Covers entertainment, gadgets, gaming, hardware, Internet, mobile phones, and other subjects.

Tech Ticker

News and commentary on all the latest in technology.

Techno Masala

Find information regarding blogging, latest technical updates, gadgets and other interesting news, videos and pictures.

Technology Explained

Information and articles about modern technology, computing, and software.


Technology news, reviews and opinions.

TG Techgeeze

Blog devoted to technology news and the latest in gadgets including cameras, computers, and gaming. Features reviews and website recommendations.

U.S. NRC Blog

Official blog of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.


Explore the most interesting stuff of today and tomorrow.

Velcro City Tourist Board

Featuring science fiction and science fact; technology, computers, culture, art, futurism, trans-humanism, extropianism, weird and unusual stuff.

The Verge

Keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest technology.


Consumer guide and tips on digital SLRs, iPhone and other gadgets.

What's Next In Science & Technology

News and information on current research and break throughs.

Your Tech Weblog

Posts tech blogs and news, and presents personal technology information.

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