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Technology Energy

Alternative Energy News

Offering articles, news headlines and information about alternative and renewable energy technologies.

Alternative Energy Today

Collection of articles, news, and discussions on today's alternative fuels and hybrid technology.

Applied Materials

Discussion of this company's contributions towards clean technology.

Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas

Covers upcoming events, publications, ASPO organizations, news, and offers details about peak oil.

Bit Tooth Energy

Blog offers information on energy including gas, oil, and coal.

California Energy Blog

News and opinions on California's energy issues.

Charge: The Future of Energy

Ideas and thoughts on future energy technologies, sources, and forms.

Cost of Energy

A major study between global population and consumption. Offers activism, commentary, news and statistics.

David Strahan

Investigative journalist and energy writer, writes and consults on energy.

Do the Math

Tom Murphy covers topics on energy and societal issues related to energy production, climate change and economic growth.

Early Warning

Covers the risks to global civilization including oil supply and prices, production, renewables, energy, and unemployment.

Energy and Sustainability

Dr. John Cockaday's thoughts on energy, sustainability and sustainable development. Cockaday is a sustainability professional.

Energy Balance

Chris Rhodes' articles and views on various energy topics.

The Energy Blog

Platform for discussing various topics related to energy.

Energy from Thorium

Information and discussions on the use of thorium as an energy resource.

Energy Outlook

Information and discussions on various forms and sources of energy.

Energy Report

Compilation of news and various other information related to energy.

Energy Tomorrow

American Petroleum Institute blog covering its thoughts on the future of energy.

The Ergosphere

Tackles topics related to energy, work as well as on politics and other subjects of interest.


A freelance analyst writes about energy and related subjects.

Green Energy TV

Watch and upload videos for clean energy projects and products.

Plethora of information on new, sustainable, and better energy sources.


Presents ideas and discussions on a predicted global necessity for energy transition.

Oil Drum

Blog discusses energy and our future.

The Oil Drum

Collection of discussions, news, and views on energy crisis issues.

Our Finite World

Gail Tverberg posts about issues related to oil and other shortages, and how it impacts the economy.

Patrick Brown, Operations and Compliance Leader

Contains news and links related to the energy industry.

Positive Energy

A Canadian's analysis and recommendations on present energy production and use.

The Watt

Contains energy news, views, and discussions and interviews in mp3.


Provides energy news and commentary especially in the field of sustainability.

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