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Liberal blog with a focus on activism from John Aravosis.

Anti War Blog

Information on anti war news, information, and activities.

Discusses all forms of online activism.

Corruption Tracker

Service allowing anyone to anonymously denounce and report acts of corruption of any kind.

The EcoStreet Blog

Raising green consciousness since 2005. Covers recycling, conservation and sustainable lifestyles.

End the War on Freedom

Links and commentary on personal freedom and the state of the country.

Global Patriot

Supporting the idea of 'patriotism without borders', social justice, sustainability, global consciousness and ending poverty and hunger.


Practical and proper ways to use the 3 R's; reduce, reuse, recycle.

Landmark Self-expression and Leadership

Describes community projects created by participants in Landmark Education's Self-Expression and Leadership Program.

The Media Blog

Posts thoughts, updates, insights, and new information watchful or critical of the media.

Moving From Me To We

Blog dedicated to engaging others in making collaborative accomplishments instead of doing things alone.

Puerile Psyche

Fights ageism, adult-centrism, intolerance and ignorance of youths and children, as well as over-protection.

rochelle robinson

Rochelle Robinson's commentary about technology and activism mostly from a Liberal point of view.

So What Can I Do?

Weblog promoting various forms of activism.

What's Really Wrong in America?

The musings of a middle-class American on what's gone wrong in America, and maybe some things to reflect on that could be right.

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