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Association of Graveyard Rabbits

Online journal of this association, which is dedicated to the historical importance of cemeteries and grave markers and the family histories to be gleaned from them.

Beyond the Ghosts: A Cemetery Blog

Sharing interesting cemetery snippets and photographs.

The Blog of Death

Posting regular obituaries and death related articles.

Bury or Burn

Features rants against the funeral industry, from an ex-insider, plus guidance of achieving affordable, personal funerals.

The Daily Undertaker

Commentary on death and dying in cultures around the world.

Death Reference Desk

Extensive postings about everything related to death, including the good, the bad, the cultural, the bizarre and the spiritual.

Death Sweeping

Funeral director blogs about finding the lightness in his work.

Embalmed to the Max

Mortuary science student shares thoughts on death and dying.

Escape to the Silent Cities

Author with a fascination for cemeteries explores some of the mysteries she comes across.

Final Embrace

Offering funeral industry news and management advice.

The Final Taxi

Talks about recent deaths which have captured the public consciousness.

Funeral Blog

Blog of cemetery and funeral home professionals.

Funeral Gurus

Interviews with funeral and cemetery professionals talking about the latest trends in funeral service.

Funeral Innovations Blog

The funeral industry supplies the latest trends and tips.


Offering kind and thought provoking advice and personal stories relating to the difficult but important act of saying goodbye to someone who is dying.

Grave Matters

Thoughts on the modern funeral industry as it moves towards more eco-friendly solutions.

Grief Tourism

Focuses on grief tourism, travel to places affected by natural disasters or violent or tragic events.

Home Funeral Directory

Resources and information about home funerals and green funerals.


Blogging about funeral planning and death care.

In the Light Urns

Find useful information about the funeral industry, process and losing a loved one.

Lasting Tribute

Celebrates the lives of family, friends and people in the public eye who are no longer with us.

Legacy Matters

Commentary on legacies, life stories and the nature of death.

Modern Mourner

Offering ideas for celebrating a life.

Morbid Anatomy

Focuses on historical morbid anatomy curiosities and collections, with thoughts on what they reveal of death and culture.

More Than Meets the Eye

Blog written by Yvonne Perry, author of the book, More Than Meets the Eye, True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife.

My Funky Funeral

Quirky funeral planning ideas and humor.

Perfect Memorials Funeral and Cremation Blog

Includes planning memorials, doctor assisted suicide, cremation jewelry and urns, and ways to memorialize a loved one.

Sleeping Gardens

Exploring British graveyards and commenting on the symbolism of monuments.

View from a Hearse

Undertaker and humorist shares the lighter side of the funeral business, mixed with family news and insights.

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