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Ethnicity Jewish

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Guide

Party planning source for planning the perfect Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

The Cool Jew

Music and videos, and Jewish life and style.

Daf Notes

Daily Daf Yomi with insights, questions and answers from past Dafim.

Daled Amos

Blogging about injustices to Israel.

Dixie Yid

Writes from the East Coast about thoughts on life, learning Chassidus, and hearing a good ma'aseh.

Esser Agaroth

Writes about life in Israel, Jewish Nationalism, and being Jewish.

A pro-Israel voice from California's Central Valley.

Frum Satire

Ersatz frum Woody Allen. Satire and ethnicity with a Jewish perspective.

Geshmack D'var Torah Weekly

Weekly writings pondering life and faith.


Blogging about culture and entertainment in a Kosher world.

Heeb Magazine

Self-described as "the new Jew review", offering news, arts, culture, spoof ads, and religious discussion, aimed primarily for the young urban audience. heeb

Israel Matzav

Orthodox Jew transplanted to Israel in '91 blogs on ethnicity and the Jewish community.

The Jew and the Carrot

Discussion of Jews, food, and contemporary issues.

Jewish Music Insider

Get an inside scoop on Kosher food, upcoming Jewish music and entertainment.

Jewish Music Report

Articles, interviews, and videos from the Jewish music scene.

Jewish Wedding Network

Taking the oy out of wedding planning. Personal insight with planning and preparations help.


Kosher opinion and commentary on politics, and Israel.

Just call me Chaviva

Jewish poet and ex-journalist growing in her beliefs and observances.

Life in Israel

Calls himself a regular Joe with a Yeshiva background. Discusses Jewish topics of all kinds.

Lilith Magazine: The Blog

Magazine blog tracking Jewish women's lives.

The Muqata

The blog always turns to Eretz, Israel with many other topics covered.

My Grandparents Holocaust

Blogumentary of his grandparents past Holocaust secrets, memories too painful to discuss, but are now being written down and recorded.


Examines the economic and auxiliary issues in the Orthodox community.


Rabbi's blog devoted to parsha as and other topics.

Point of no Return

Provides information and resources about the Middle East's forgotten Jewish refugees.

Random Thoughts- Do They Have Meaning?

Goofy, serious, and crazy blogger with thoughts about everything.

Rebbe Stories

Stories of Rebbes from yesteryear.

SerandEz and Friends

From politics to the Jewish community. Includes sports, Israel, and some Judaism thrown in.

ShaBot 6000

Jewish comic strip with commentary thrown in.

Shiloh Musings

Personal, political, and spiritual musings about Shiloh, Israel.

Sultan Knish

Daniel Greenfield blogs about the stories behind the news from NY to Jerusalem.

Yid with Lid

Political topics, opinion and commentary.

Yo Yenta!

Works to break down stereotypes about Jews in general and Jewish mothers in particular from a barrier island off the coast of Georgia.


Rabbi Yuters blog, classes and Shiurim.

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