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American Folklore

Featuring folk tales and stories from around the Americas.

Bulgarian Folklore Blog

Bulgarian blog covering folklore, traditional instruments and culture.

Daily Snopes

Daily links to new weird tales from urban legends reference site Snopes.

Faery Folklorist

Thoughts on the goblins, imps, sprites, gnomes, brownies, duergers, shellycoats, pixies, spriggans, knockers and fey folk of British folklore.

The Green Man Series

Documents one woman's passion for the green man.

Humphrey with his Flail

Occasional posts from a British folklore researcher.

Intangible Cultural Heritage

Folklore news and commentary from Dale Jarvis, Intangible Cultural Heritage Development Officer for the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador, a storyteller, author and performer.

The Moonlit Road

Focusing on folklore and ghostly tales from the American South.

New England Forklore

Written by Peter, an avid folklore fan. Includes weather forklore from Maine, rhymes, roosters, spiders, and wind.

Tales of the Oak

Blog devoted to folklore and legends of Inverclyde and other places.

Urban Legends - True or False?

Looks at whether individual urban legends are either true or false.

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