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The 1709 Blog

Devoted to copyright, and the issues and complexities of copyright law.

ACM's Tech Policy Weblog

Tracking technology policy issues for the computing community.

Aid Thoughts

Posting musings on international development, economics and foreign aid.

Aid Watch

Project of New York University's Development Research Institute; aims to keep track of where aid may be doing more harm than good.

Blog of Rights

Covering all you need to know about civil liberties and related issues, from the American Civil Liberties Union.

Blood and Milk

Examining international development, by Alanna Shaikh.

Capitalism Without Failure

Reports angrily on predatory lending, unscrupulous financiers and related issues.

Chain Reaction

The Council for a Livable World provides this blog about nuclear weapons and national security issues.

Chris Blattman

Assistant Professor of Political Science and Economics at Yale posts about the causes and consequences of violence in developing countries.

Committee to Protect Bloggers

Dedicated to the protection of bloggers worldwide with a focus on the plight of bloggers threatened and imprisoned by their government. Includes news, reports, and resource.

Cyberbullying Blog

Posts from the Cyberbullying Research Center on keeping kids and teens safe from online bullying and harassment.

The Daily Bail

Offering opinionated coverage of national debt and deficit issues, bailouts and alleged federal reserve corruption.

Dead Man's Curve

Careening around the globe in search of better transparency and governance.

Dirt Diggers Digest

Tracking corporate misbehavior around the world and offering commentary on business ethics.

News, analysis, theory, and declarations about economic top-level meetings, including the G7 and G8 Summits, the G20 Summits and related lower level meetings.

Excess Copyright

Covers excess in Canadian and international copyright law.

Fairly Used

Stanford University blog on the issues of copyright and fair use.

The FOI Advocate

Official blog of the National Freedom of Information Coalition; contains discussion about freedom of information issues in the US, including the Wikileaks controversy.

Forced Migration Current Awareness

Highlighting issues of forced migration around the world.

Fraud Advice

Mark Jenner writes about forensic accounting and fraud investigation, topical articles and case studies.

The Fraud Files Blog

Fraud examiner and forensic accountant's blog features commentary on corporate fraud, scams, scandals, and court cases.

Free Kareem

Campaign to free the Egyptian blogger Abdelkareem Nabil Soliman.

From Tracie

Featuring the story of this blogger's survival of childhood sexual abuse.

The Future of Children

The future of children and the various ways we can make that future promising and worthwhile.

Governance Focus

Focuses on corporate and board governance, ethics, compliance, environment, development and social responsibility.

Hands Off Venezuela!

Website spotlights the agenda to defend the Bolivarian revolution, and oppose US intervention in Venezuela. Also provides information about the trade union and labor movement in Venezuela.

The Kaufmann Governance Post

Provides an open and participatory space to share findings and debate crucial issues of governance and corruption around the globe.

Kerry's Blog

Latest news and updates from Project Camelot, a leader in the area of whistleblower testimony.

Living and Learning in Poverty

Explores the research and information about poverty and how it impacts the lives of children and their learning.

Migrants At Sea

Discussing sea migrations from Africa to or towards Europe.

NewGeography Blogs

Features posts on economics, politics, urban issues, and demographics. With recommended books and related links.

Occupy Blog

Gathers reports, eye witness accounts and video footage of the Occupy Wall Street movement of October 2011.

Open and Shut

Focuses on freedom of information and privacy concerns in Australia, with commentary and opinion.


Created for the March 18 Movement in memory of Omid Reza, an Iranian blogger, who died in prison in Tehran. Includes details of their annual event in support of detained bloggers and citizen journalists, and for free speech.

Papers, Please!

Follows the work of The Identity Project, which campaigns against a surveillance state and particularly against the requirement for US citizens to show ID when traveling.

Pelle Billing . com

Discusses gender liberation beyond feminism. Blog is written by a professional teacher and MD.

Philadelphia Priest Abuse Trial Blog

Covering the landmark clergy abuse case against Monsignor William J. Lynn of the Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Photography Is Not A Crime

PINAC complies stories about citizens rights being violated due to them using cell phones or cameras to video tape real time events. Citizens free rights are violated by a "big brother" mandate by local law enforcement and the blog documents those cases.


News from this platform for international co-operation on undocumented migrants. picum_post

Plagiarism Today

Blogging about content theft, copyright infringement and plagiarism. plagiarismtoday

Polling Matters

Official blog reporting on issues which matter to Americans today.

The Price of Oil

The organization called Oilchange International maintains this blog, which is about the politics of oil. The goal of the site is to inform what they say is "the true cost of oil".

Privacy Revolt!

A Consumer Federation of California project covering corporate surveillance, identity theft, data brokers, tracking devices, and consumer security.

The Queue

Gives insight into the questions being asked in Gallup polls, the results and breaking news.

Recording Industry vs The People

Music lawyer devotes this blog to what he terms "the RIAA's lawsuits of intimidation brought against ordinary working people". Also covers other areas of concern in digital copyright law.


Features moral stories based on day to day life situations and experiences. The stories attempt to share values around helping others, sharing, leadership, communication, appreciation, empathy, coaching, practice, team skills and more.

Stop Honour Killings

Reports on and campaigns against honour based violence around the world.

Stop Street Harassment

Working to free public spaces of sexual harassment and other unwanted gender-based harassment. stopstharassmnt

Stopbullying Blog

Provides information on what bullying is, who is at risk, and how you can prevent and respond to bullying. stopbullyinggov

Story of Stuff Project

Chronicles the ongoing activism efforts of the team behind the "Story of Stuff" 2007 film, which documents the woes of the consumerist cycle.

Survive Unemployment

Support for unemployed people. The focus is on people in the US.

Tax Justice Network

International coalition of activists and researchers concerned about the negative impacts of tax havens and tax avoidance schemes.

Teen Dating Violence

Website offers resources for youth, adults and communities interested in learning more about teen dating violence.

Transportation Nation

Concerned with the lack of biking and walking areas around the nation, and the need for better infrastructure. transportnation


Independent platform for in-depth investigative reporting and critical analysis, to reveal injustice and offer ideas to strengthen democracy.

We Ask America

Automated and interview polls measuring public opinion on current topics and debates.

The Zeitgeist Is Changing

Blog offering alternatives to capitalism and arguments that claim that the world can be better without capitalism.

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