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Animal Welfare Blogs

The Abolitionist Approach

Animal activists offer posts on taking action, commentary, books, FAQs, resources and contacts.

Born Free

Blog of the CEO of the Born Free Foundation, which campaigns to return captive big cats, wolves, bears, orca, dolphins and primates the wild.

A blog written with the purpose of keeping a watchful eye on the Humane Society of the United States.

Of Human and Non-Human Animals

Reflections on current debates and news on animal issues, placing them into a wider scientific and political perspective.

The PETA Files

Features news, opinion and graphic video clips from animal rights organization PETA.

Primate Freedom

Devoted to exposing the cruelty of animal lab experiments, particularly those involving primates.

Rescue This Dog

Features photos, video links, and brief profiles of dogs available for adoption.

Stop Animal Abuse

Reports on cases of animal abuse and cruelty around the world. Contains extremely graphic video clips and photographs.

Striking at the Roots

Looks at examples of effective animal rights activism from around the world.

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