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Energy Peak Oil

Belly of the Beast

Rantings and discussions that cover politics and peak oil issues.

Betray The Age

Articles, views, and propaganda advocating for a sustainable future.

Early Warnings

Stuart Studebaker's concept of the world that no longer relies on petroleum for energy.


Thoughts and musings on peak oil and other topics of interest of a retired consultant and entrepreneur from the energy sector.

Land of Black Gold

Lays out speculations on peak oil, energy issues, and the investment implications.

Peak Energy

An Australian blogger's views on various energy topics including global warming and viridian solutions.

Peak Energy

Illustrations, opinions, and parodies tackling issues related to peak energy.

Peak Oil Anarchy

Thoughts and musings on peak oil with suggestions on alleviating its effects.

Peak Oil Community

Venue for discussing and sharing new information and resources on peak oil.

Peak Oil Debunked

Claims to provide the facts and figures that counter the arguments of peak oil proponents and expose the "real" agenda for the hype.

Peak Oil Medicine

Australian doctor Paul Roth's blog tackling the intersection of peak oil issues with medicine.

Peak Oil News

Resource for updates and new information on the peak oil controversy.

Peak Oil News and Discussion

An American shares information, views, and his concern over the peak oil issue.

Peak Oil Optimist

Promotes knowledge on fossil fuel depletion and advocates for the exploration of new energy sources.

Peak Oil Premonitions

Articles, opinions, and commentaries for those who believe in the probability of the peak oil threat.

Powering Down

Posts discussing peak oil with particular focus on the North Carolina and Greater Southeast response.

Richard Heinberg

Presents news on peak oil and other energy topics as well as information on Heinberg's involvement in peak oil projects.

Sandcastle in the Tide

Expresses concern over the threats allegedly posed by the peak energy crisis.

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