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Health Issues Blogs

91 Outcomes

Focusing on matters relating to the health outcomes of veterans of the 1991 Gulf War.

Covert Rationing Blog

Argues that healthcare rationing in the US is unavoidable and is happening covertly.

Drug WarRant

Pete Guither offers drug war news, analysis, and rants.

eHealth Blog

Blog on digital health that wants to explain in simple terms what e-health is and what benefits it can bring to everyone's health. blogsalutedigi

The Food Ethics Blog

Find information about ethical issues involving food, including growing, shipping, processing, selling, regulating and eating food.

Free Marc

Blog campaigning to repatriate Marc Emery, a marijuana activitist, from the US federal prison system to his home country of Canada.

Gary Null

A guide to natural living. Covers topics such as vaccination safety, sugar, the food pyramid, radiation protection, and other health issues.

Health News Review

Provides independent expert reviews of news stories involving health, rating them as to their accuracy and balance. Includes information on the review criteria and rating system.

The Human Solution

Activist group promoting the use of medical marijuana and highlighting the oppressive actions of the federal government on usage. 420Ribbon

Intact America

Offers circumcision news and resources. Also offers a petition to end infant circumcision.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

News from this organization of law enforcement professionals who argue that the war on drugs has failed and should cease.

Living Maxwell

Max Goldberg's guide to organic food and drink, from a man who made the choice to get healthy and now views food as medicine.

Malaria Matters

Advocacy for a malaria-free future. Covers developments, the environment, monitoring, and eradication.

Medi-Share Blog

Medi-Share is an affordable, Biblical alternative to health insurance. Blog offers readers solutions to their healthcare concerns, information on how to live healthy lifestyles, and encouragement from the Word of God. @ccm_medishare

Meth Lab Homes

Offering news and resources for those concerned about the meth problem.

My Health Blab

Blog posts about various health issues affecting men, women, and athletes.

Politics of the Plate

Author of Tomatoland, Barry Estabrook posts about his book as well as other issues pertaining to the agricultural industry.

Research Ethics Blog

Doctors post about human-subjects research ethics.

Unnecesarean: The Blog

Examines the maternity care crisis in the United States, with particular reference to unnecessary cesarean sections.

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