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Health Body Image

Angry Gray Rainbows

Follow the authors' journeys from eating disorder recovery to the promotion of beauty at any healthy size.

Any Body

Challenging the limited physical representations of women in modern society.

Fat Body Politics

An idealistic diatribe from a fat feminist.

Fat Fu

About staying sane in a world that hates and fears fat.

Fat Heffalump

Campaigning for greater fat acceptance.

Feed Me

Journalist Harriet Brown writes about food, body image, eating disorders and the media.

FindHealthTips - Grow Taller

Offers tips to grow taller, increase height with exercises, diet tips for height growth and unique methods to look taller.

First, Do No Harm

Collates personal stories of fat prejudice in healthcare situations.

Joy Nash

Activist and writer uses humor, spoof videos and sarcasm to make a serious point about unrealistic body image expectations.

Operation Beautiful

Project which invites participants to leave anonymous, body-positive notes in public places for women to find.

Viriginia Sole-Smith

Blogging about body politics and women's issues.

We Are the Real Deal

Body image focused blog where women of all shapes and sizes can rant about the issue.

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