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Media Issues Blogs

Eyes on Fox

Contains critical commentary of bias on the Fox News Network.


National media watch group FAIR publishes media criticism commentary and tracks inaccuracies or bias. FAIRmediawatch

Journalism Ethics

School of Journalism and Mass Communication compiles information and resources related to journalistic ethics.

Media Matters for America: County Fair

Blog dedicated to exposing what it sees as right wing misinformation in the US media.

Media Watch Watch

Offering commentary from an atheist/secular point of view on religious media issues around the world.

News Corpse

Chronicling media decay and a compliant media which obeys its political and corporate masters.


Crusades against what the authors see as liberal media bias.

Regret the Error

Media criticism blog reporting on factual errors, corrections, retractions and clarifications in journalism.

Shaping Youth

Features informed commentary on the effects the marketing and the media have on the youngest generation.

Stinky Journalism

Offering commentary on ethics in online journalism.

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