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By Topic Criminal

Arbitrary and Capricious

Commentary on criminal law.

Bench Memos

Offering judicial reviews by the National Review Online.

California Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

Analyzes criminal law cases and news in Orange County. Published by William Weinberg.

Capital Defense Weekly

Long running blog from a criminal defense lawyer.

Connecticut Criminal Lawyer Blog

Examines criminal defense legislation, news and judicial opinions in Connecticut. Published by Adamucci, LLC.

Crime and Consequences

Criminal Justice Legal Foundation blog, discussing crime and criminal law.

Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC

Provides blog posts and articles on current criminal and DUI defense News in Phoenix, AZ. dpdefense

Criminal Justice Online

Posts on a variety of criminal justice topics of interest to lawyers and students.


Group blog discussing various aspects of criminal law.

Dallas Lawyer

Personal journal of criminal defense layer David Finn.

Federal Crimes Blog

Updates from a global criminal defense firm.

Federal Criminal Lawyer Blog

Information and news on federal criminal law in the state of Georgia. Published by the Georgia federal criminal lawyers at Kish & Lietz.

Florida Criminal Attorney Blog

Reviews criminal law cases, news and reports in Florida. Published by the Law Offices of Jason M. Melton, PA.

Florida Criminal Defense Blog

Discusses criminal defense cases, news and opinions in Miami. Published by Mark Eiglarsh.

Florida Criminal Law Blog

Criminal Defense Lawyer M. James Jenkins discusses current issues, news and events in Criminal Defense Law.

Florida Criminal Lawyer Blog

Florida Criminal Lawyer William Ryan Moore provides insight on current issues, news and events in Criminal Law.

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney Blog

Discusses criminal law cases, news and opinions in Florida. Published by Richard Ansara, PA.

International Criminal Law Bureau

Providing news and commentary from this group of lawyers with unrivalled expertise in international criminal law, international humanitarian law, human rights law and criminal law.

The Law Office of Shepherd and Osborne

Criminal lawyers in NH offering information relating to DWI - DUI defense, drug defense and more throughout New Hampshire. Newswire

Criminal law related headlines.

Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney Blog

Reports on criminal law news, cases and opinions in Massachusetts. Published by Stephen Neyman, PC.

Net Cops PSI

Information and insights on personal safety and law enforcement.

New York Criminal Attorney Blog

The Criminal Defense Lawyers at Tilem & Campbell elaborate on current issues, news and events in Criminal Law.

Norm Pattis Blog

Trial lawyer fighting for freedom one client at a time.

Not Guilty

Everyone is not guilty of something. An attorney speaks about the law.

Varghese Summersett PLLC Blog

Criminal defense attorneys serve up information on state and federal criminal laws.

White Collar Crime News

A white collar crime attorney's take on white collar crime in the news and his practice.

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