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Legal Commentary

A Georgia Lawyer

Lawyer offers rumors, news and commentary about injury and consumer law.

Above the Law, a Legal Tabloid

Covering legal news and gossip about top law firms, Biglaw, law schools, profits per partner, associate salaries, and colorful attorneys and judges.

Alaska Law Blog

The business litigation lawyers at Atkinson, Conway & Gagnon elaborate on current legal issues, news and events in business.

An Associate's Mind

Law clerk offers legal insight from inside the office.

An Inclination to Criticize

Provides commentary on legal current events.

At The Lectern

Legal news and commentary on the practice of law before the California Supreme Court.

The Becker-Posner Blog

Professors Gary Becker and Richard Posner talk on law and the human condition.


Online journal of a trial lawyer. Features observations about law and politics.

The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times

Commentary on law and lobbying in Washington, D.C.

The Buck Stops Here

Matt Evans provides thoughts on law, economics, politics, and more.

California Appellate Report

Professor Shaun Martin at the University of San Diego School of Law gives his thoughts on recent Ninth Circuit and California appellate cases.

California Attorney's Fees

Discussion of the ethical considerations that apply in requesting an award of fees and costs.


Long running legal commentary blog.

Criminal Defense

Discussion of current issues in state and local criminal defense.

The Daily Judge

Commentary on recent judicial decisions.

Legal commentary from John and Jessie Rosenberg.

The Greatest American Lawyer

Law related commentary and criticism from an anonymous author.

Have Opinion, Will Travel

Random thoughts and opinion on legal related matters.

IP Funny

Often humorous commentary on intellectual property related issues.

Kansas City Vehicle Accident Blog

Vehicle accident news and tips from the Kansas City personal injury firm, Flick Law Firm.

Koehler Law

Overviews of criminal and DUI defense with commentary.

Law Blog

Blog from the Wall Street Journal providing news and commentary about law, lawmakers and attorneys.

Law Shucks

Dedicated to life in and after BigLaw. For practicing lawyers with a bit of dry humor.

Legal Blog Watch

Rounding up news and commentary from legal blogs around the web.

Legal Cheek

Offering irreverent posts of interest to legal professionals.

Legal Pad

Weekly newspaper of the latest legal news and case decisions in California.

The Legal Reader

Provides interesting legal news and commentary.

Legal Talk Network Podcasts

Featuring regular discussion on legal matters.

Legally Weird

Commentary on legal curiosities, from FindLaw.

Lowering the Bar

Analytical thoughts and writing on legal topics, with humor.

Mansell and Mansell

Handles serious personal injury cases and automobile accident cases in Los Angeles such as car, truck, and motorcycle accidents.

The Namby Pamby, Attorney-at-Law

Get paid to dress pretty, go to court and talk to crazy people.

Law related thoughts and opinion.

Opinio Juris

Presents informed commentary and debate on issues of international law.

Owens Rhetoric

Reflections on law, life, and politics.

Pink Tape

Family law barrister blogs about family law and family stuff.


Intellectual discussion of legal matters.

Progressive Law Blogs

A collection of Progressive law blogs focusing on crime, sentencing and the politics of law.

Quantum Meruit

Random snippets of legal commentary and cases of note.

The Right Coast

Thoughts from San Diego on law, politics, and culture.

Sneaking Suspicions

Commentary from a practical perspective.

Southern Maryland Law Consumer Guide

Offers free legal consumer guides explaining the law and options.

Talk Left

Legal commentary from a liberal perspective.

That Lawyer Dude

Offers commentary on legal issues written in laymens terms.

Underdog Blog

Maryland criminal defense lawyer Jonathan L. Katz, analyzing the day's criminal defense news.


Legal analysis and commentary from Justia.

Watch Me Take The Bar

Provides commentary on the bar exam and law in general.

What About Clients?

Commentary on legal services from a clients perspective.

Zanes Law - Z Blog

Blog that discusses legal trends, safety issues, and other interesting current events.

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