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Lifestyle Choices Vegetarianism


Blog offering insights into the vegan way of life including posts on animal rights, recipes and inspiration.

Almost A Vegan

Lifelong vegetarian offers recipes, information on living a vegetarian and chemical free life, product reviews and news relating to the vegetarian and natural health world including posts on slowly moving towards turning vegan.

Asian Vegan

Discusses the progress of two Portland based restauranteurs.


Cooking blog for vegetarians and vegans.

Compassionate Vegetarians

Offers information about vegetarianism provides by two vegetarians. Includes recipes and photos.


Vegetarian recipe blog including recipes suitable for Vegans.


Long running blog from an Australian vegan.

The Lazy Vegetarian

Vegetarian blog offering recipes, ideas and product opinions.

Only Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini

Italian living in New Zealand offers a collection of recipes suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The Paisley Post

Mother discusses raising a vegetarian family.

Sweet On Veg

A woman in Vancouver with a passion for good food; includes a range of vegan recipes and other articles.

Two Vegan Boys

Mom who gardens and cooks all family meals, feeding her two young sons a strictly vegan diet.

Veggie By Season

Offers advice of planning vegetarian meals using local and seasonal produce.

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