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Air Force Voices

Unofficial commentary on current leadership, military, and political topics.

Alexander the Average

Thoughts from an Army Reserve officer.

Appalachian Patria

Thoughts from a non-commissioned officer in the Army Reserves.

Army Times

Reporting on news, benefits, entertainment and career of interest to army personnel.


Journal of a reservist.

Brown Hound

Commentary from a father and Coast Guard member.

Bullet Wisdom

Active Duty Field Artillery Major in the US Army blogs about the military as well as writing, hunting and gaming.

Chaotic Synaptic Activity

Right wing commentary on politics and the military.

The Chronicles of Jake

Chronicles the journey to become a special forces member.

Confessions of a Military Recruiter

Offers insights into the process of recruiting for the military.

Cursed By a Classical Education

Political commentary from a member of the armed forces.

DKelSmith: Weblog Afficionado

Long running blog discussing the military and related politics.

Dude, Where's The Beach

US Air Force member shares his thoughts on the military.

Guns and Glory

Provides commentary on current events and military related items.

Naval reservist shares his thoughts.

New Wars

Discusses the transformation of armies, navies, and airpower in the digital age.

Sgt Hook

Commentary from a ranking member of the armed forces.

Smitty's World

Personal journal of an Air Force pilot.

Spouse Buzz

Invaluable source of support, advice and humor for military spouses.


Updates from a former member of the Coast Guard.

The War Report

Non-profit, independent news site dedicated to covering U.S. troops deployed around the world and military life at home.

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