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Military Veterans

2Slick's Forum

Thoughts from a retired Army black hawk pilot.

Adjusting to Life After Serving in Iraq

Blog for soldiers returning to normal life after serving in Iraq.


Thoughts from a veteran of the US Navy.

Beast7's How it Ought to Be

Thoughts from a retired member of the US Army.

Bruised Orange

Updates from A Texan and former reservist.

Cadillac Tight

Online journal of a military veteran.


Updates from a veteran of the Iraq war.

Doc in the Box

Updates from a Navy Corpsman who has returned from Iraq.


Insights from a veteran of multiple wars.

Femme La Guerre

A take on modern war and the American military from an ex-Air Force flyer turned writer.

Foreign Object Damage

Commentary from a retired US Navy, Master Chief Petty Officer.

The Fourth Rail

Veteran discusses politics and the war on terror.

From My Position

Life and observations from a soldier injured in Iraq.

GM's Corner

Army veteran provides commentary on politics and the military.

Grim's Hall

Marine veteran shares stories of war.

Hundreds of Fathoms

Former military man describes his love of submarines.

Jammed Gun

Air Force veteran shares his thoughts.


Commentary from a retired member of the armed forces.

Military Grrrl

Features commentary from a female veteran.

The National Defense

Nationally syndicated radio talk show geared toward veterans, military personnel, and their families.

Pacific Memories

Recollections of the Pacific campaign in World War II.

Republican Vet

Republican veteran shares his thoughts on the current administration and politics in general.

Seaspook's Rants

Random comments on the Navy, politics, and national events.


Journal of a soldier returning from Afghanistan.

The Stupid Shall Be Punished

Updates from a retires submarine officer.


Long running blog from a military veteran.

Three Block War

Military related anecdotes from a veteran of several conflicts.

USS Neverdock

Former member of the US Navy offers insight into the military.

VAntage Point

Official Blog of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. deptvetaffairs

Where I Stand

Veteran from the Special Forces discussing relevant issues.

Wondering Thoughts of a USMC Veteran

Updates from a student and war veteran.

You Served by

Military and veteran blog featuring current news, VA benefit updates, and guest posts from top military bloggers.

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