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Above the Norm

Features paranormal experiences, stories and reports from Arizona.

Asia Paranormal

A compilation blog of the Paranormal in Asia.

Ask The Unicorn

Ahura Z Diliiza is a telepath, metaphysician and Psychic Policeman. Using this blog, he answers paranormal and metaphysical questions from people all over the globe.

Colin Andrews

Posts from Colin Andrews, well known for his research into crop circles dating back to 1983.


Blog of a psychic, teacher, author, and researcher covering the intersection of metaphysics and science.

Daryll Sloan

A former Christian writes about religion, skepticism and the paranormal.

Dr. Ryles’ Strange Sights

Features news and video clips on strange and paranormal topics.

Encounters with the Unexplained

Indiana based blogger features encounters with the paranormal ranging from ghost tales to cryptozoology and UFOs.

Excommunicate: Redefining Yourself and Your Surroundings

Offering information on spiritual self help, fine art, freemasonry, occult and more.

Felix Experimental Group

Reports on the seance room phenomena and physical mediumship activities of this group based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Future Theater

Features weekly podcasts on paranormal topics.

Ghost Hunting Theories

A mixture of humor, paranormal theories, bigfoot and urban exploration.

Ghost Theory

Attempting to explain paranormal phenomena, cryptozoology and UFOs by logical means.

Gnostic Girl

Through awareness and self-observation the author learns about meditation, dreams, Gnostic wisdom, and out-of-body experiences.

The Gralien Report

Presents weird news, anomalies and paranormal exopolitics.

Haunted Attraction

Blog of this magazine which caters to the US Haunted Attractions industry; includes industry news, location reviews and magazine subscription information.

Interesting Articles, Links and Other Media

Helps readers find noteworthy sources of information relating to diverse aspects of spiritual and metaphysical thought.


A paranormal investigator and specialist in spirit cleaning gives solutions for ghost and paranormal phenomena.

Mysterious Circle

Features news and photographs from a medium who claims she can transfigure in broad daylight.

Mysterious Universe

Blog and podcast examining unexplained mysteries. mysteriousuniv

National Paranormal Association

Offering paranormal news from around the world.

The Occult Section

New York Paranormal Society blog about paranormal investigations and related items in the news, with a healthy dose of humor.

Occult View

Features articles and opinion on paranormal topics, divination, modern spirituality and folklore.

Out of the Body

Discusses the different aspects of the astral projection experience. feed:

Paranormal Arabia

Unexplained mysteries, ghosts, Djin, UFOs, and the supernatural with focus on the Arab World.

The Paranormal Casebook

Paranormal videos and daily Internet activity related to the paranormal.

Paranormal Corner

Sharing readers' experiences across all aspects of the paranormal.

Paranormal Knowledge

Offers information on unusual activities on Earth and beyond.

Paranormal Pop Culture

Exploring the films, books, events and games inspired by a love of all things paranormal.

Phantoms and Monsters

Commentary and news about close encounters, conspiracies, cryptozoologyandextraterrestrial events.

Profiling the Unexplained

Offers articles and discussion covering the world's unexplained mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

Public Parapsychology

Advancing public scholarship in the fields of parapsychology and anomalistic psychology. includes calls for volunteers, analysis and debate.

The Spirit Guide

Offers paranormal news and covers topic such as death, ghosts, prophecy, psychics, UFOs, and residual energy.

Strange State

Paranormal mysteries in Oklahoma and around the world.

Sue St.Clair and Matthew Didier's Paranormal Blog

Thoughts and opinions from this husband and wife team of Toronto based paranormal investigators.

TOPS Paranormal Blog

Features paranormal stories, devices, news, groups, publications, tools, videos, and reviews.

Trance Report

Podcast and blog featuring paranormal and spiritual news. trancereport

Twilight Language

Explores coded words, name games and number coincidences found in the news and history, and how these link to hot news stories.

UFO Comet

Community and blog covering mysteries, the paranormal, new world order and 2012.

Unexplained Mysteries

Community and blog covering all aspects of the paranormal.

The Unexplained with Howard Hughes

Long running podcast covering a variety of paranormal topics.

What The Hell Was That?

Skeptically investigating claims of the paranormal.

Who Forted?

Blogging about the paranormal and associated "weird stuff".

ZoZo the Ouija Spirit

Looks at encounters with Zozo and other Z-related spirit name contacts on ouija boards.

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