Personal Blogs

Personal Blogs

A Cup of Jo

Magazine-writer-turned-blogger who lives in NYC with her husband and toddler son.

A Whole Lotta Nothing

Introduces thoughts and observations from MetaFilter founder Matthew Haughey.

Adil's Corner

Includes a number of posts on topics ranging from politics to sports; from religion to technology. The blog was first started in 2004.

Alessandro Machi

The Return of the 20 year old Analog Videotape Editing Studio. Supervise your precious VHS or S-VHS Videotapes to Digital Transfer alongside your Los Angeles Emmy Winning Editor and IMDB credited editor, Alessandro Machi. Serious Customers Welcome.

Allan's Perspective

Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious look at the world at large.

Alliston Tait - Blog

Professional writer for newspapers, magazines and websites who blogs on the side.

Always Crave Cute

A blog about cute things: crafting, cooking, gardening, animals, nature, art, music, photography, vintage, collecting, decorating, pinterest, and etsy.

Anna Spargo Ryan

Personal blog of writer and social media strategist who lives in Melbourne Australia. annaspargoryan

Apifera Farm

Where art and animals collide. Photos, thoughts, and art.

Appalachian Journal

A retired Virginia Tech professor of design living on a mountain in southwest Virginia. Appalachian Journal

Apt. 11D

Laura McKenna blogs about politics, feminism, lifestyle, home, and other things that interest her.

Artemis Russell - Junkaholique

Collector of old junk and jewelry maker photographs her vintage finds and unique lifestyle.

August J. Pollack

Cartoons,comics, and subversive leftist propaganda.

Balter's Blog

About politics, science, archaeology, human evolution, jazz, culture, and the meaning of life by Michael Balter, a journalist and journalism professor.

Band Back Together

Community weblog where viewers decide to read, contribute, or learn.

Barking up the Wrong Tree

Author blogs about interesting stuff including sex, relationships, happiness, politics, and sports.

Bayou Renaissance Man

Full-time writer and former military man, former computer geek, and medically retired pastor opens up.


Exploration of ancestors from Texas, Maine, Georgia, and Spain.


Paul Waters writes, make radio and telly shows, and gives thoughts on a good number of things.


Knez of Egoslavia, CWCF finds no topic too touchy to discuss.


Collaborative blogging effort covers opinions on music, books, video, culture and politics.

Blue Beach Song

Eclectic collection of posts about the bloggers humorus views on things and her efforts to build a career as a songwriter, photographer, and writer.

The Blue Site

Offers comments on topics such as politics, food, news, celebrities, issues, and reviews of movies and television shows.


Northern California blogger talks smack and does not take any lip from anyone.

Broke-Ass Stuart

He's young, broke, and beautiful and long on ideas. He writes about enjoy life not as a rich person, but as a real person.

Busy Working Mama

Blog covers recipes, gardening, her handy husband, kids activities, and kitchen tips.

Butterflies and Wheels

Fighting fashionable nonsense. Offers notes and comments.

Camilla Engman

Blogger talks about life, illustrations, art, and inspiration.

Caro & Co

Caro Webster brainstorms about how to engage kids with the outdoors.

Thoughts and photos from a Vancouver, BC woman.

The Chicory

Rants and rational thinking from NOLA on just about everything.

Christine Macdonald

Los Angeles-based writer who grew up on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu.

Clairey Hewett

Domestic goddess failure loves to talk about her day to day stuff.

Clarke, Chandra

Chandra Clarke provides a weekly syndicated humor column.


A discussion of life, death and what happens between, and home to the popular weekly Carnival of Family Life.

Correr Es Mi Destino

Life of a world traveling French woman living in Canada.


James Eric Thompson, a programmer in the Metro Atlanta Area, comments on programming, marine saltwater aquariums, reef tanks, and life.

Cynical-C Blog

Programmer provides insight about life as a cynic. Includes commentary on art, humor, food, history, and politics.


Writer, restless in New Orleans blogs about her collateral damage.


Thoughts and comments on design and life.

The Daze of My Life

Sort of a soap opera about a small family making their way in the big city.

Death By Absurdity

Author presents random thoughts, rants, and other minutae.

Dogs on Drugs

Silly and daily input from a writer with a very big imagination.


Offers rantings and witty observations from a former Mormon, web designer, and now stay-at-home mom.

The Dr. A's Blog

Offers information about the side effects of technology in society and to find ways to unplug/disconnect from computerized devices once in a while.

Eats Well With Others

Joanne weaves her way through medical school, running, and shopping.


Writer and blogger, mother, and public speaker who has won awards for her blog.

Elan Morgan

Writer, designer, and speaker aka Schmutzie, dabbles in the joy of all the things available from the internet.


Information architecture, interface design, usability, user centered design and more.

Family Gregg

Dawn and Bradley Gregg are devoted parents to an eclectic family of creative homeschooled kids.

Fat Mom Slim

Australian Chantelle blogs about her life as a busy mom living on the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. fatmumslim

First Drafts

No topic is too sacred to touch; writing, cat macros, liberal politics, and general mayhem.

Flourishing Foodie

Canadian Heather now living in Seattle Washington blogs about food and travel. FlourishnFoodie

Fly Through Our Window

Darby gives a look at life with kids, a remodel in progress, and answering faith.

Funky Junk Interiors

Creates inspired pieces from old junk, loves art, and offers blogging tips for those in need.

Googly Gooeys

Contains couple's musings about the present situation of social networking and other random subjects usually presented in graphic illustration.

The Gormogons

Secret society ruminates on current topics.

GRG - Fully Unblogged

Discusses food, games, movies, music, photography, reading, and travel. feed://http//


Musings and ramblings on motherhood, life, and post-k life.

Grumpy Bear

Subjectively grumbles about anything and everything and especially rants about the political spivs in office who are determined to screw the taxpayers.

Haunting Thunder

Blog about internet technology, science fiction and other geeky topics.


Technology, pop culture, single motherhood, love, relationships and the IT industry.

Hootin' Anni's

Just a personal blog of thoughts, fun, memes, jokes, photos, and family.


Mother trying to adjust to life after having worked for 20 years as a journalist. It's not always easy.


Blog offers answers to questions that range from daily questions to serious career, political, shopping and other questions in the order they are received.

If You Write It

Random thoughts of 40 something photographer on current events, movies and books.


Ben Pentreath blogs about all the things that inspire him in interiors and architecture.

Jack Yan: the Persuader

Offering thoughts about the media, globalization, branding, social responsibility and global policy.

Jake And Amir Dot Com

Two bff's. No they're not. Or maybe they are. Tune in for daily highlights of their ongoing comedy.

Jason Boog History Club

Personal blog for starving writer in NYC. Find his insight into a variety of topics.

Jeffrey Friedl's Blog

A personal blog with lots of photos.


Personal blog charting journey through life's ups and downs, the love of lifting, wellbeing and continuous improvement. juliecheung

Julie Zickefoose

An artist and writer from the Appalachian foothills of Ohio, shares the things that bring her joy.

Just Well Mixed

Jason Lefkowitz talks about technology, politics, geeks, war, terrorism, and wisdom.

Kate Says Stuff

Kate gives insight into her life that is filled with four kids, autism, and a supertrucker husband.

Kevin McClelland

Offers tips and ramblings from an affiliate marketer including popular "monthly goals" posts.

Kids Prefer Cheese

Angus and Mungowitz offer business up front, quantitative easing in the rear.

LEJ's Blog

Leonard Earl Johnson observes and writes from the land of the forgotten.

Letters of Note

Fascinating look at letters that have been sent. Includes faxes, telegrams, and memos.

The Life of Things

Token hippy girl from Portland, Oregon gives her rants and thoughts.

Life's Like That

A Mother of two toddlers shares advice, tips and candid everyday moments.


A guy from Malaysia describes everyday events from his life, sometimes with a smack of criticism, sarcasm and a little humor thrown in for fun.

Live Creating Yourself

Home and lifestyle blog of Alaina Kaczmarski, a graphic designer from Chicago.

Making Light

Reveals thoughts and smart-alec comments about news and popular culture from Tor Books editor and author, Teresa Nielsen Hayden.

Matty Stratton

Personal weblog of Matt Stratton who is a technologist, photographer, one-time independent filmmaker, and now IT middle manager. Contains tech tips, fun links, photos, and photography tips.

Meta/ Phor(e) /Play

Contemporary poetry, short fiction, digital art, essays, reviews, and commentary — a blogZine hybrid from Michael Dickel.

Michael Martinez

Personal thoughts, personal experience essays, and occasional announcements from author/Webmaster, Michael Martinez.

Mind Shadows

Between the emotion and the response falls the shadow. PhD., husband, and father.

Mindblogging Stuff

Commentary on a variety of topics, mostly computer related.

Mixed Meters

David Ockers outside the box look at life through his photos and music.

Monica's Tangled Web

Author with keen observations who muses ironically about life in general.

My Blog

Furnishes coverage and musings about Michael Huckabee.


Focused on neat things found on the web.

Nelly's Garden

Receptionist in real estate living in County Antrim opens her journal.

Nicki Faulk

Web designer, geek, gamer and aspiring super mom.


Humorous musings from a man with Tourette's syndrome.

Nourishing Obscurity

Brit blogger James Higham delves into the heart of the matter.

Omega Blogger

News and tips about buying vintage Omega watches.

The Organised Housewife

Organised blogger offering tips for everyday life at home and by each room.

Our Ordinary Life

Personal blog covers parenting, art, organic and natural products, the kitchen, family, travel, and offers product reviews.

Pages from my Crazy Life

Katie posts about growing up in Gunnison, Colorado and her life with her family in Omaha, Nebraska.

Phil's Field Notes

Phil's musings on life, including humanities, philosophy and thought exercises.


Publishes artistic postcards with anonymous secrets written on them.

Prickly Goo

Dundalk resident writes about graphic design, art, web development, film, music, philosophy and football.

Quiet Highway

Saga of a gentleman writing about finance, law, and the journey of an amateur economist.

Bulacan-based blogger, amateur photographer, film nerd, indie music nut, and web fan.

Ramana's Musing

Ramana offers wisdom with hindsight. He loves writing, mentoring, and sharing his insights.

Ramblings Of An Undisturbed Mind

Postings and musings from a 30-something female who is trying to find her way through life; One ramble at a time.

Retro Mummy

Mother of five who still finds time for sewing, quilting, kniting, crochet, stitching and do a bit of baking and shopping too.

Robert Dobes Blog

Web designer and entrepreneur features information about cool sites, web design, marketing and weird stuff.

Rockers World

Author Karla Redor- an engineer, amateur photographer, web designer and a writer of sorts.

Ron’s Log

Remarks and musings about life from a homosexual man in California.

The Roughblog

Blogging in boxers about politics in the US, global weather, and life.

Sacred Arts Journey Blog

Freelance writer Kathy Stanley writes and about the environment, marine life, nature, and the Caribbean and Jamaica.

Sajjad Zaidi's Blog

Features the Internet, Linux, Pakistan and other world issues.

Sassy Wire

Gettin' sassy with all the news and current events.

Savannah Marsh Mama

Offers her own bit of crazy but doesn't need any more.

Sawdust Girl

Following one woman's journey of renovating houses, woodworking, custom cabinet making and entertaining shenanigans.


Free speecher with a sense of humor, a propensity to parodize and a tendency to get a tingly leg (and not the good kind) when encountering imbecility, pomposity, cluelessness and political correctness.

The Selby

Insight from a portrait, interiors, journalist and fashion photographer and illustrator. theselby

Seven Cherubs

Mormon mother of seven who blogs, writes, dances, and offers motherhood advice.

Sexless in the City

Reveals the life and thoughts of a hip celibate in New York City.

Simply Maggie

Amanda Bassetti's blogs about knitting and crochet, her Great Dane dogs, renovating her country house and DIY projects. _SimplyMaggie


Finding beauty in unexpected places. From politics, photography, and cats to food.

Slimming Down to Sexy, Eventually

Covers everything under the sun, and insight into a "slimming" life.

Something Awful

Critiques the stupid things going on in today's media.


Journal of a families bits of peace, love and craftiness.

Stacy Horn

New York writer and cat-butler writes about what she encounters as she strolls through the city.

The Story of Telling

Business author, idea catalyst and brand storyteller Bernadette Jiwa talks about best practices.

Subject Verb Object

A logistician, traveler, writer, paper crafter, DIY-er, cocktail crafter, and an occasionally doting mother.

Suspicious Berean

Jack Morrow, Canadian blogger find no topic to hot to touch.


Miscellaneous happenings of a young family.

Tea Leaves

A retired librarian offers poems, knitting projects, and her observations on politics and life.


Writer pours out his heart when the feeling hits him and as time permits.

Things Organized Neatly

Things that have been laid out carefully, precisely and evenly. Things on shelves, in vices, studio photography, diagrams and right angles.

Tomato Nation

Rips on popular culture. Also offers an advice column for readers called The Vine.


Blog from a young female from Singapore posting on things that interest her.

Umi & Tsuru

Posts about tatted lace and jewellerymade, plants grown and interesting photographs.

Veggie Mama

Ramblings of a part-dork, part-nanna that roams through her vegetable garden, the kitchen, and takes charge of her kids.

Very Merry Seam Stress

Personal blog from a seamstress who makes historial reenactment and reproduction costumes.

Very Small Array

Cat and Girl humorous list maker for everything imaginable in the world.

Wade Spencer

Personal blog of Wade Spencer who sings and plays Christian music, takes missionary trips to Africa and Ukraine, hunts and fishes.

Wee Birdy

Exploring the best in style, fashion, shopping, beauty, design, interiors, craft and handmade.


Stefanie Hollmichel writes about whatever is on her mind from books to gardening, cycling to chicken keeping, and everything in between.

Werty Dot Net

The blog of a late 20's Chicago artist who is going through life as an Internet marketer.

Where's My Glow?

Slightly crunchy mother and writer who procrastinates always, and a lover of all things shiny.


Four pundits give input about current events and the state of the nation.


Busy mom, housewife, and writer reaches for her goals and sets them pretty high.

Words With Occasional Pictures

New and old writings of Bill Tozier.

World In A Bottle

Politics, nerd culture, travel from restless progressive Brit.

The Worst of Perth

Subjective view of the worst architecture, design, cultural cringe and humanity in Perth Western Australia.

Written, Inc.

Journal of all things Carmi, a Canadian journalist, analyst, geek, photographer, cyclist, and dog whisperer.

Xanadu Xero

Personal insights about time travel, monkey business, the philosophy of DUH, vice enthusiasm and sneering.

Xanthippa's Chamberpot

Current events, all thought out, chewed up, and spit into this chamberpot.

Young House Love

Young family and their old house, and the trials and tribulations of life.

Zennie Abraham's look at pop culture and his life.

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