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Christianity Biblical Studies

5 Minute Bible

For those feeling rushed, find Bible information in small bites.

An Alien and A Stranger

Associate Professor of New Testament Studies remarks about the Bible.

Andy Naseli Thoughts on Theology

Andy author of "Let Go and Let God?" introduces his thoughts on theology.

Apikorsus Today

Musings on Judaism, the bible, and food.

Bible Study .net with John Malone

A ministry of Millard Community Church. Bible teaching aimed at helping you enjoy the Scriptures.

BiblePlaces Blog

Biblical geography, history, and archaeology news and analysis.

Biblia Theologica

Student of the New Testament and of Biblical Theology offers biblical and theological postings.

Features bible related documents and commentary.


Bible study information form a dedicated Christian.

The Busybody

Commentary and insights into biblical studies.


Chris Tilling encourages dissection of modern theological/biblical study topics.


Dedicated to promoting discussion on modern biblical study topics.

The Coding Humanist

Dallas scholar shares his observations.


Discussion and resources for biblical scholars.

Discovering God's Holy Plan

Offers throughts from a Christian's independent Bible study.

Dokeo Kago Grapho soi Kratistos Theophilos

Dedicated to the writings of Saint Luke.

Dr. Claude Mariottini

Professor of the Old Testament offers insights into the book.

Exploring Our Matrix

Dr. James F. McGrath and Clarence L. Goodwin explore Bible theology.

The Forbidden Gospels

April DeConick investigates Tchacos Codex, Nag Hammadi collection, and other Christian apocrypha.

Gypsy Scholar

Shares insights regarding biblical studies, history, and culture.


Meditations on biblical studies and church life.


Sketches in biblical studies by Stephen C. Carlson.

Idle Musings of a Bookseller

Musings on biblical studies and the book business.


In depth discussion of church and bible relates issues.

Jesus Creed

Exploring the significance of Jesus and the orthodox faith for the 21st century.

The Macintosh Biblioblog

Providing news, help, and discussion for bible scholars using Macintosh technologies.

Matt Capps Blog

Matt offers exploration of Biblical studies and theology.


Thoughts from a PhD student in biblical studies at The University of Sheffield.

Michael Homan

Personal journal about teaching the Bible and ancient Near Eastern history.

N/T History Blog

Blog of Bill Heroman, math teacher and New Testament history buff.

NT Gateway Weblog

Mark Goodacre's blog for academic New Testament studies.


Mysteries of the ancient world presented without hype and conjecture.

Philo of Alexandria Blog

News and comments relevant to scholarly studies of Philo of Alexandria.

Philonica et Neotestamentica

Blogger covering the studies of Philo of Alexandria and their relevance in New Testament studies.

Post Modern Bible

Biblical thoughts from a New Testament tutor.

Primal Subversion

Africa scholar shares his thoughts on the bible.

Ralph the Sacred River

Observations and insights on biblical studies.

Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean

Posts on religious life among Greeks, Romans, Jews, and Christians in the Roman empire.


Probing the resurrection of Jesus and its impact on today's life.


Updates from a student in Biblical Languages at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.


Documents and commentary relating to biblical studies.

Scholar in Training

Updates from a man working towards becoming a biblical scholar.

The Stuff of Earth

Blog offering thoughts on life and the history of the bible.

Sunday School Teaching Resources

Offers Bible lessons, games, activities and crafts for those involved in children's ministry.

Suzanne's Bookshelf

Information on books relating to biblical studies.

The Sword

Michael Turton shares his thoughts on biblical studies.

Thoughts on Antiquity

Focuses on Ancient Cultures of the world.

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