A Nairobian's Perspective

Thoughts on Kenyan life, politics and wider African issues.


Thoughts from a writer in Nairobi on banking, finance and technology.

Dena Crain

Artist and teacher living on the shore of Lake Baringo blogs about art, patchwork quilting, lifestyle and wildlife.

Inari Media

Business and IT focused blog with a particular interest in Kenya, especially how developments in ICT could help the Kenyan economy.

Kenya Byte

Features news and opinions on the Kenyan ICT sector.

Kenya Forests

Blog offering observations, views, news and opinion about Kenyan forests.

Kenyan Poet

Showcasing the best in Kenyan arts.

Mzalendo: Eye on Kenya's Parliament

Volunteer run project which aims to keep an eye on the events and happenings in Kenya's parliament and to report what doesn't make it into the news.

Nairobi Now

Blogging about arts, culture and events in Nairobi, including music and festivals.

Startups in Kenya

Nairobi based entrepreneur shares his frustrations and experiences.

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