A Chinese Adventure

Observations, facts and thoughts about the Middle Kingdom from adventurer Mark Tanner as he bumbles through China with his wife

China Daily US Edition

Featuring the latest news and current affairs from China. chinadailyusa

China Defense Blog

Offering analysis and insights into China's military capabilities.

China Digital Times

Bilingual posts covering China's emerging role in the world.

China Fashion and Lifestyles

Sharing reviews about products made in China as well as discussing Chinese culture, fashion and lifestyles.

China Media Project

Tracking media and press reform in China.

China Sports Review

Presents news, analysis and opinion on a wide variety of sports in China.

Clark Nielsen for the Win

Musings of a former web developer who left America to teach English to primary students in Changzhou, China.

Fool's Mountain: Blogging for China

Collaborative blog publishing articles in both English and Chinese on current Chinese issues.

Friends of Tibet

Blogging about occupied Tibet, China and issues of global concern.

Jottings from the Granite Studio

Provides commentary, analysis, and opinion on China and Chinese history from a history teacher in Beijing.

Letter from China

Offering thoughts from Evan Osnos, a staff writer for the New Yorker, resident in Beijing.

Life on Nanchang Lu

A blog about he food, people, travel and hidden places of China. nanchanglu

Lost Laowai

Features commentary on current events in China from an expat point of view.

The China Beat

Provides context and criticism on contemporary China from China scholars and journalists.

The Foreign Expert

Blogging about news from across China and translations of Chinese media and literature.

The New Dominion

Features news, commentary and dispatches from Xinjiang province and also offers online lessons in basic Uyghur.

This is China

Conversations and musings on the trends shaping Chinese business, economics and society.

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