Business and Economy

Aimee Barnes

Blogging about Chinese investment in America, US-China diplomacy, anti-corruption measures and the creation of a safer business environment in China, with input from Chinese entrepreneurs and brilliant thinkers.

All Roads Lead to China

Offering China based business strategy and intelligence, with insight into current trends, macroeconomic development, regional differences and consumer preferences.


Thoughts on law and business in Asia, with a particular focus on China; written by a business consultant and practicing attorney.

China Business Services

Jeremy Gordon of China Business Services contextualizes China's business news, strategies, investments and resources.

China Economic Review: The Editors' Journal

Reporting and analysis on economics, business and finance by the China Economic Review.

China Esquire

Covering Chinese law for businesses and non profit organizations.

China Financial Markets

Analysis of China's financial markets and impact, from Michael Pettis, a professor at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management.

China Hearsay

Provides commentary on Chinese law, business and economics.

China Smack

Posts translated stories, commentary and topics from Chinese social media outlets; aims to provide insight into the way the Chinese netizen thinks and feels.

China Solved

Discusses business solutions for foreign managers in China.

China Translated

Commentary and analysis on China's economic and political situation, from Tom Orlik, the China Economist for Stone and McCarthy Research Associates.


Highlighting interesting issues in business-government relations in China.

CN Reviews

Regular updates on China's economy, business opportunities and interesting people.


Examines the Chinese media and marketing industries.

IP Dragon

Offering analysis and information on intellectual property matters in China.

Managing the Dragon

Author and entrepreneur Jack Perkowski provides the low down on doing business in China.

Responsible China

Features posts on Chinese corporate social responsibility issues.

Silicon Hutong

Plans to dispel myths and offer insight into business in China, particularly in the creative and media industries.

The China Sourcing Blog

Featuring commentary on supply chain issues in China.

Wall Street Journal: China Journal

Wall Street journalists based in China cover developments in the country's business world, economy, and culture.

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