A platform for the voice of secular pro-democracy activists in and outside Iran who are struggling against the religious dictatorship of the Islamic clerics in Iran.

Cafe Leilee

Food journal from people who love to cook and eat. Covers the territory from Persian to the Bay area.

Iran News Watch

Latest news headlines and current affairs about Iran. Read about the religious, political, business, social, cultural and sports news.

Iranians' Blogs

A directory of English language blogs from Iranians both inside Iran and in the diaspora.

MEMRI Iranian Media Blog

Provides an objective view of and translation of selected pieces in the Iranian media; from the Middle East Media Research Institute.


Provides a glimpse into this Iranian woman's world.

Tehran Post

A Tehran student covers Iranian culture and politics.

Turmeric and Saffron

Azita offers information on Persian cooking as a tribute to her mother.

Uskowi on Iran

Offers factual reporting and editorial on the current situation in Iran, with special emphasis on political and military developments, nuclear program, foreign policy and law enforcement.

View From Outside Iran

A long-running blog covers Iranian politics and opposition movements, human rights, and society, by members of the Iranian diaspora, who have also lived and worked in Tehran.

West of Persia

Cooking and recipe blog that highlights the cuisines of Iran and other countries of the Middle East.

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