Barry Van Eijk

Offering regular photographs of interesting things the blog author sees in Peru.

En Peru

Wide ranging blog covering travel, culture, news and current affairs in Peru.

Hope and Josh

Photography and personal insights from two interns working in Peru on the One Laptop per Child project.

How to Peru

Travel tips and information for backpackers to Peru.

Life in Peru

Sharing insights into Peruvian pop culture and life in Cusco.

Peru This Week

Presenting current affairs, culture and opinion from Peru. peruthisweek

Tarapoto Life

Offers a first hand account of life in the city of Tarapoto.

The Brink of Something Else

Commentary on expat life in Cusco as well as travels in wider South America.

The Karikuy Blog

A traveler's guide to Peru, with information on attractions, entertainment, food, travel, sports, and leisure.

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