BOTW Blog Directory: Blog Submit
BOTW Blog Submit is a FREE service for blog owners, webmasters, and marketing organizations to have their blog reviewed for inclusion in the BOTW Blog Directory. A blog is defined as: "a web-based publication consisting primarily of periodic articles (normally in reverse chronological order)." - Wikipedia
How to submit a Blog to the Best of the Web Blog Directory
Step 1 Does your blog meet the criteria for inclusion?
All blogs submitted to Best of the Web must meet the following minimum criteria:
  • The blog must be up and running 24/7;
  • The blog must contain unique content, as determined by a BOTW editor;
  • The blog must not contain any parts under construction;
  • All links on the blog must work;
  • The blog must have a history of 6 (six) months or longer;
  • The blog must be kept current, and have active participation;
  • The blog must be in the English language (or have an English version available);
  • The blog must support multiple browsers and capabilities;
  • The blog must not contain any content, products, services or other information that may be illegal to sell under any applicable law, that may infringe or violate anyone's rights, or that BOTW believes, in its sole discretion, is unacceptable.
Please note that the above listed are the minimum blog criteria only, and BOTW editors use additional factors in deciding whether of not to accept your blog for inclusion.
Step 2 Select a relevant category
Browse the BOTW Blog Directory to find a category that relates to the content of your blog. Click on the 'Submit a blog to this category' link at the bottom of the page and proceed to the Blog Directory submit process. Choosing a relevant category helps our editors in determining the most appropriate category for your listing, and aids in the approval process.
Step 3 Submit a good title and description for your blog
To assist the BOTW editorial team in an efficient review of your listing, make sure to provide a clear name and brief description of your blog. Be objective when describing the contents of your blog. Blog descriptions that are promotional and unclear will delay or prevent inclusion into the directory.
Please Note: Best of the Web does not guarantee that your submission will be reviewed in a timely fashion.